Mr Synthol 2010

Mr Synthol 2010

At least we can say that the guy is freaky cut!!
Look at the below video if you don’t think the guy is for real.

Mr.SYNTHOL 2010 video

Любые подобные материалы должны быть образовательными или
документальными, но не должны помогать или советовать другим повторять

For me, roids, GH, synthol are all the same shit!!  So give this guy the Mr. Olympia title since he’s better built than Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman and company.  At least, he doesn’t have a gross GH gut.  His abs are perfect!

Can somebody out there can tell me more about this guy?  Who is he?  Is his body is for real or is it some kind of photoshop / camera illusion?  Is it a muscle costume?

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2 thoughts on “Mr Synthol 2010

  1. Obviously its just a camera lens-balloon effect. If you watch behind the guy the gird distorts the sane as his muscles. Fake.

  2. Yes it seem too good, too big, too well-proportionned to be true. Usually those synthol addicts doesn't look that good!

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