Missy Hyatt wrestling shoot interview

‘The First Lady of Wrestling’ Missy Hyatt


  What can be said about Missy Hyatt that hasn’t been said a million times before? She has a reputation of being less than friendly at times and has a reputation for this, that, and the other thing. For all the negatives people have to say about “The First Lady of Wrestling,” I have none.

Simply put, Missy Hyatt is one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the opportunity to interview. She also happens to be one of the most attractive which makes her a guest we will try to make fairly regular from now on. In other words, Missy Hyatt is truly a treat to interview because even I, an interviewer, love hearing what she will say next. You will love it too! Don’t miss out! Download this one today!


  • — She wasn’t a wrestling fan until she was 17 years old. Her dad was watching TV and she saw the Freebirds doing an interview. The Freebirds and Tommy Rich attracted her to business.

    — There was a hotel that the wrestlers stayed at. Her friend Cheryl, a “rat” but Missy was just a “small mouse,” took her over there and she saw John Tatum. John was tan, blond hair, just “so cute,” She fell for him and they started going out.

    — David Manning asked her to be a “valet,” She felt why not and went out there.

    — World Class was the first place she worked and she loved it. She loved being recognized in the mall. She feels it was the best time of her life.

    — Mike Von Erich didn’t want to wrestle. He is the one who had toxic shock syndrome. That was the only Von Erich boy that didn’t want to wrestle.

    — Kim Mantel left World Class and went to the UWF A few asked and they went along.

    — Bill Watts tried to intimidate people. She feels his screaming to scare people just was out of control. “He was a big old asshole, in my opinion.”

    — The first wrestler she dated was Jake Roberts. She lived with him and felt he was a great guy until he got too much into partying. He ended up cheating on her with Cheryl. They ended up getting married.

    — The travel was insane. She UWF felt you should be happy to work there. You had to drive for miles and miles daily and you never got a penny for travel.

    — Dark Journey was “always coked up,” Journey would pull out her hair, chip teeth, just did real damage. She never was tame. They would try to do the same spot over and over and every time Dark Journey would mess it up somehow.

    — “Nobody knows this story.” Eddie was drunk and was walking by Missy and John’s hotel room. John was out. Eddie somehow invited himself in and when he came in, he passed out. “At least he had his clothes on.” They had Carl come get him and the next day she goofed around saying “Yeah, we had sex!” After a while of goofing off, they fell for each other.

    — “Eddie could talk the pants off of any girl.”

    — John Tatum was hurt by Missy leaving but she understands. He was rude to her and made sure he spat in her direction after she went with Eddie but she does understand. She feels he may have been angry about the split of the team more than anything.

    — When Eddie became booker in Continental, all the wrestlers came to help him unload when they moved in. When they left, nobody came to help.

    — Her relationship with Eddie got her a little bit more respect.

    — Missy Hyatt was at a KISS concert the night before and Hulk Hogan was there as well. She called him “The Godfather,” Hogan thought it meant because he’s “old” but she said “If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have had a job,” She says there is no respect anymore especially from some of the young women.

    — Hulk Hogan’s daughter is beautiful. “She’s tall and gorgeous!” She thought it was Hogan’s girlfriend. She remembers her from her singing the National Anthem.

    — “KISS RULES!” James and Missy get into a chat about Missy talking about how Chris Jericho copies taunts from Paul Stanley. She also mentions that Gene Simmons mentioned that The Road Warriors stole their gimmick.

    — KISS played a part of Angel, an Aerosmith song, as a joke. The crowd was mad and boo’d! Half the crowd left after KISS played and were tough on Aerosmith when they came out. James says this is what happens when you sell out. Missy agrees.

    — Eddie Gilbert remarked that Jim Ross was responsible for breaking up he and Missy’s marriage. She doesn’t think so. She was taken off TV because Ric Flair thought she yelled at something at him. Jim Ross brought her on TV. Everyone thought she and Ross had an affair but that wasn’t true. Basically, Eddie didn’t stick up for her as much as Jim Ross did because he didn’t want people to think he was pushing his wife. Jim Ross came to her rescue because that was her best friend in the business.

    — Her favorite time with Eddie was in the CWF. She feels it was the best because it was all Eddie’s mind. She says Eddie also brought the hardcore to ECW, not Paul Heyman. She loves Paul Heyman but she says Eddie did it, not Paul.

    — She thinks Paul Heyman’s great. He helped her when she moved to New York. She’s recently moved to Tampa but is moving back to New York very soon. But, back to Paul. She says he’s like her brother.

    — Eddie’s death wasn’t drug related. “And Bret Hart sure isn’t someone that should be talking about that. Bret’s problems aren’t exactly only concussion related. Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house,” Eddie did drink and took pain killers. He only did that because “Back then, if you didn’t work, you didn’t get paid.”

    — Her stint with the WWF was short. They brought her in to take over Roddy Piper’s “Piper’s Pit.” But, she was too green and didn’t know what to do at the time to pull it off. She feels it also failed because they wanted her to be a “nice” girl character and she feels that isn’t her character at all. She has the only copies of the segments and is thinking about putting them up on streaming video to download on her new website. More on the new site coming up later. 🙂

    — Vince said he couldn’t compete to Eddie. Eddie was the booker of another territory and didn’t want her doing certain things. Vince said “The door will be open to you all the time.” She laughs and says “It wasn’t!” She wanted to do a Wrestlemania, though. She was supposed to do Wrestlemania 10. It was when she just filed her lawsuit to WCW and when she called they said “Missy WHO?”

    — The USWA skits with Jerry Lawler, the “Maid for the Day,” was the funniest thing she ever did. She had the long version, 12 minutes, and lost it at an autograph show. If someone has the full long version, email us at TII and we will see that Missy gets it.

    — She got along great with Jeff Jarrett but Jerry doesn’t like her because she said she’d rather work for Burger King than for him. That said, she wants to work for TNA but they don’t want to pay or fly her in. She does want to work there though.

    — Eddie found Shane Douglas, Cactus Jack, Sid Vicious, and others. She feels Eddie developed some great talent.

    — She came up with the name Shane Douglas. Eddie wanted a blond babyface to be named Shane. She had just seen Wallstreet the movie with Michael Douglas. It just clicked in her head.

    — Tom Prichard worked her great. They worked together at a Pilman memorial show. She admits they had an affair.

    — Eddie “ran his thing in CWF.” He was having creative differences with David Woods who owned CWF. He got called by WCW to book. She weaseled into the deal because she came along as a package deal and got paid as much as Sting was being paid.

    — Ric Flair has been nice to her lately. She says their problem was that Ric thought she swore at him backstage or said something nasty to him and she didn’t. She says she hopes he realizes she really does respect those who gave themselves to create a business that she worked in. She really respects guys like Hogan and Flair who really did a lot for the business.

    — WCW didn’t know how to use girls and the WWE currently doesn’t. She doesn’t think “Bra and Panties matches” work. She says having ladies trying to work like guys isn’t what people want. She’d rather see a cat fight and feels every guy would rather see a catfight than an actual match. She points at her catfights with Dark Journey and Francine’s cat fights.

    — She liked being an announcer. Eric Bischoff was the worst to work with because he couldn’t wrap up.

    — The Stan Hansen segments was a parody of the lady reporter that did a locker room interview with a New England Patriots player who exposed himself. So, she kept going in the locker room with Stan Hansen who spanked her and did rotten things to her.

    — About the WCW not knowing how to use girls, Dusty Rhodes told her later that they were going to have her go on a “Blind Date” and have Stan Hansen be the one to take her out. She feels it would have been a great story but for some reason they just didn’t take a chance and run with it.

    — The feud with Paul Heyamn was a lot of fun. One story she shares was Paul used to like to do the rap gimmick because Missy would come out with P.N. News or Ron Simmons and Paul would rap and at the end he’d call her, well, a lady of ill repute. Missy didn’t care but one night was in her home town and her entire family was there and she asked him not to do that. Paul did it anyway so she gave him a “receipt” in which she got even for it. She kicked him really hard… I don’t think we need to guess where, do we?

    — There was a problem where at the time they didn’t want to see a woman wrestle a man. She wasn’t even going to wrestle. At Great American Bash she was just supposed to run in, pin Paul, and that would be all. Instead they had the Flatliners carry her out and never explained why.

    — Missy did nothing but diet to prepare for the bathing suit challenge. Madusa, on the other hand, did steroids to prepare and had to shave her back. She feels Madusa was not a very attractive woman and to this day does not like her because of some remarks she made about Eddie after he passed away. Missy then says, “If I ever see her again and I have something sharp in my hand, I’ll cut her. I lived in New York City, baby! I’ve got a little ghetto in me. I will cut that bitch’s throat!”

    — “The same goes for Eric Bischoff,” Eric treated her poorly. “I think I’ll see him on the street somewhere “I’ll Announce for Food.” I think he’s getting what he deserves. No, he hasn’t died yet. Coke addicts Miserable person. I can say that because I’m happy now.”

    — Missy feels hurting her isn’t how to get on her bad side. Hurting someone else is when “the fangs come out.”

    — Putting her with the Nasty Boys was not her first choice. She wanted to go with the Hollywood Blondes, Steve Austin and Brian Pilman. The Nasty Boys didn’t want her there and she didn’t want to be there.

    — She dated Road Warrior Hawk “every 10 years… ’82, ’92.” She wanted to go to the funeral but her mother told her not to go. She’s glad she didn’t go because it was a “Reborn Christian” thing. She was sad to hear he passed on.

    — Hawk said Missy wasn’t mad that they broke up but that he broke up with her before she broke up with him. Missy then growls…

    — She doesn’t believe Miss Elizabeth died of a drug overdose. She doesn’t know anything but says “I just want to know how she ended up at the bottom of the stairs.” Missy then discusses the whole Easter abuse charge where Elizabeth had a black eye.

    — Backstage, they used to play the “Lex Game.” Basically, they’d take a drink or do a shot every time Lex touched himself during his match. “All he ever wanted to do was play with himself.” She says it got to the point that you couldn’t do shots anymore so you just sipped a wine and were still drunk by the end of his matches.

    — Missy tells a story about Jake Roberts and how he tried to get her a job and how they’d stay up all night as he taught her about wrestling and such. She hopes he’s doing well.

    — Missy has no idea what they wanted to do with her chasing Flair on Flair for the Gold and such. She said that angle never went anywhere. She says she doesn’t even know what was so important that she had to ask him.

    — Sasha, her long time dog, is still alive. She talks about her other dog as well.

    — Hawk used to tell her to “kayfabe her boob.” She said it was embarrassing that the “oops” incident happened. That was in her lawsuit when they made 11 by 14 color copies of it.

    — Max Payne kissed her on a Clash of the Champions. Max and Cactus got the win over the Nasty Boys but it never made TV. On the replay, they didn’t show the pin. They showed the two big guys “kissing the blond girl.” She told a higher up in WCW what she felt and it was over Eric Bischoff ‘s head and Eric got upset.

    — She wishes she could have gone to the WWF. She feels not going there means she never was “used up.” She feels she’s done well keeping her name out there and with her other ventures.

    — Missy was very happy with the conclusion of the lawsuit. “Basically, they paid me off.”

    — ECW was a lot of fun. She says she regrets being so mean to Raven. She called him “Booker Man” in front of the boys and he hated her. She talked to him recently and they cleaned up their differences.

    — The Stevie Richards sexual harassment lawsuit was a parody of the lawsuit with WCW. They were going to take it very far but they “didn’t get to.” There were even plans to bring in a fake Bischoff.

    — She liked the Sandman. His wife was convinced they were cheating. That is what ended that fun.

    — She had to promise to have sex with Paul Varelans to get him to tap out to Taz. “I did it for the business.” Paul didn’t want to do it because, as Missy puts it, “Taz is a midget.” But, he did the job for Taz and afterwards, he wanted to get what Missy had promised and Missy said, and I quote. “I don’t fuck jabrones.”

    — She wants Tazz to call her and say thank you for what she did. Until he does that, she doesn’t believe he has any respect for the business and those who help his career.

    — ECW became a job and whenever it becomes a job, it’s no longer fun.

    — She didn’t like having Sandman’s kid in the ring.

    — She feels she did some of her best work with the AWF and nobody got to see it.

    — Missy and Kimona were supposed to have a strip match. Kimona was supposed to strip but she didn’t prepare well and she had a cat suit on. Missy ended up dancing around and covering her breasts with her hands to cover them up. She finds it funny that it made every wrestling website.

    — Missy says to prove she IS the first lady of wrestling, she is the first woman to win a man’s title. It was a mixed tag and Sherri Martel was the other woman. Missy scored the win and held the guy’s belt before Chyna ever did.

    — Missy was at Guilty as Charged 2001 just visiting and Paul Heyman asked if she’d like to be on the show. Missy didn’t mind being naked on TV while covered with a towel. She loved saying what she said to Jack Victory. The main reason she did it was to promote the book.

    — She got mad at Steve Corino when he did an Internet show and made a remark “I would never read her book. She’s a has been.” At an indy show she saw him and she cut a promo on him that someone taped. He said he was doing an angle but she didn’t want to hear it and told him off. During a match where she managed him, she called him a jabrone over and over. Since then they have made up.

    — Rob Black is a Paul Heyamn want to be. She feels he ripped her off because he sold videos with her likeness and never paid her for them.

    — Wrestling Vixxxens was something she wanted to do for a long time. Sal, her business partner at the time, stole from her. This guy stole the computer from her house. She says that any Vixxxens members that thinks the reason they didn’t get their product because of Missy is inaccurate. Sal is to blame because he stole money that was made by the Vixxxens site to make T shirts for his wrestling company, FIP.

    — “Don’t buy anything from Highspots.com. Especially Wrestling Vixxxens merchandise.” There is going to be a big lawsuit between herself and Sal and Highspots will be getting sued as well because they are selling counterfeit Wrestling Vixxxens DVD/VHS tapes that aren’t official and aren’t liscenced. She says they started out ordering the merchandise from Phoenix International and later sent them to Sal’s house directly. Anything bout through Sal isn’t official and she plans on dropping the bomb on them.

    — She is currently working on a new website that will be a little different from Wrestling Vixxxens. Instead of it being just pictures, it will be a Missy Hyatt version of the Osbournes. Basically, it is Missy goofing around with her friends, occasionally dancing around and having a good time. The show will star herself and “The Queen of Extreme” Francine.

    — Francine will be taking “very naughty” photographs for the site.

    — That website can be found at http://www.missyhyatt.tv. The site will launch on January 1, 2004.

    — The cost they are kicking around is $12.95. With this you will be able to view the site, the pictures, and watch the show. There will be a new show a day. So far they have 15 episodes in the can. Plus, she will be putting up her WWF segments as well to view over the Internet.

    — She wants to have Tammy Sytch on the site at some point but Tammy has been hard to reach of late. She again says she hopes everybody realizes that they didn’t own Wrestling Vixxxens and aren’t the ones who ripped people off, Sal was. Even the girls that did the site were ripped off.

    — Missy doesn’t feel Vixxxens went far enough in terms of sexual content. She brought in Kristi Myst and others to do things that herself and Tammy refused to do.

    — “Let me tell you something about Rob Feinstein and it just goes to show that he is gay. I was swimming in his pool completely naked, got in his bed and he couldn’t get it up. He had these really ugly oversized black condoms that kept falling off his penis.”

    — In terms of Kevin Sullivan, “When he dies I’ll dance on his grave.”

    — What was the best rib Missy ever pulled? She hid Paul Heyman’s briefcase and blamed Tony Shavone for it. Paul had to cancel his credit cards. Another good one she pulled was her and Jason Hervey would fill El Gigante’s boots with shaving cream.

    — Her biggest regret is she never got a Missy doll.

    We then do Word Associations where she shares sex stories as in who she gave her first “blow job” to, her sexual experiences with Kid Kash, Jason Giambi, Trent Acid, and so many others. Plus, her opinion of Beulah, Ms. Patricia, Terry Taylor, Kerry Von Erich, The Steiner Brothers, Sting, Born Again Christians, Raven, Judaism, Stevie Richards, Jim Ross, Eric Bischoff, Francine, and so much more!

    — Plus a recap where James and Dan discuss the prospect of a Missy Hyatt Osbourne’s show, discuss WWE Armageddon, discuss the CLASSIC crowd reaction when the Gathering turn on Raven on the most recent live TNA pay per view plus discuss, for the first time, our TII Year End Awards!

  • source: http://www.wrestlingepicenter.com/IWR/interviews/Missy1003.html


    Kayfabe, Lies and Alibis: Shoot Interview with Missy Hyatt

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