Missy Hyatt talks Shane McMahon’s resignation

Missy Hyatt talks Shane McMahon’s resignation

Ever since it went public that Shane McMahon has handed his resignation to WWE, everybody has been speculating on the reason. Everybody claims they might know the answer or got some theory based on no facts and no sources.

After hearing & reading about Shane’s imminent departure from the family business, I decided to throw my theories in to the race. Keep in mind I have no sources, information, or any knowledge to back up my theories. I guess that keeps me on par with everybody else.

I commend Shane for his contributions to the wrestling business. Obviously Shane has a brain & didn’t put his father’s company out of business like so many other second generation children in wrestling.

What a concept!!!

Here is the unofficial Missy’s list of possible reasons that Shane resigned from WWE:

Theory #1: Shane McMahon had failed two secret wellness policy tests. His resignation might have occurred in fears that the third test was immanent. Cough medicine is an ingredient for methamphetamine which could have resulted in a third failure. Rather than risk a wellness failure going public & costing Linda her election, Shane decided to resign from WWE.

Theory #2: Shane quit out of fear that he would eventually receive a phone call from a friend that read on the internet that “WWE Is Wishing Shane Best of Luck on All future Endeavors”.

Theory #3: With Booker T & Scott Steiner possibly leaving the MEM, Shane might have wanted to fill in the slot. With Shane’s previous title reign as WWE Hardcore Champion would make him eligible for the MEM.

Theory #4: Shane wanted to try out for Ultimate Fighter. Nothing like living in a house with guys who leave bodily fluids in food, showers, pillows, & other places in order to rib each other. Nothing beats leaving a multi million dollar job for the pleasure in getting possible long term brain damage for very little money on an outlaw MMA show. Nothing beats having Dana White cutting a promo that you don’t have the dedication to make it as an Ultimate Fighter. The possibilities of Shane starting a MMA company sounds like a goldmine. Too bad every piece of talent is under contract at this point & there are very few undiscovered fighters left on the market.

Theory #5: Shane was leaking out information to the “sheets”. Important story line spoilers that John Cena VS. Randy Orton would be headlining yet another pay per view was frowned upon by management. Not the idea that the same match was being done for the eleventh time on PPV in three years was the problem.

Theory #6: It was Shane’s turn to do the time honored tradition for HHH at Wrestle Mania, since HHH already beat everybody.

Theory #7: Shane decided to use his 10 years of WWE television exposure to work on the Hulkamania foreign tour. Apparently working with Eric Bischoff was more enticing than working with his family. Legal action is pending if Shane is allowed to continue using the last name.

Theory #8: Shane’s wrestling gear has consisted of wind breaker pants, sneakers, & a baseball jersey. This meets the qualifications for Shane to embark on a lucrative career in going thru light bulb tubes in various backyards & parking lots for a living. Since WWE no longer uses blood, Shane needed to further pursuit his hardcore wrestling career. Maybe Shane decided to revive IWA Mid South & run death match tournaments in bowling alley parking lots.

Theory #9: Shane decided to turn states evidence against the family business.

Theory #10: Shane decided to quit his lucrative corporate WWE job in order to start from the bottom in developmental. Wait to Shane finds out that he got no chance in being called up to the main roster without the generic 240 pound muscular body with a tribal tattoo.

Theory #11; Shane is fearful that Randy Orton might break in to his home in retaliation for the HHH home invasion. Why do I still remember that angle?

Theory #12: Jeff Hardy might have linked Shane to his trailer burning, the wellness failures, and possibly ratting him out to authorities and decided to seek retribution.

Theory #13 Shane decided to pursuit the lucrative indy wrestling scene as a wrestler. Nothing like living the dream by working against a geek named Bryan Alvarez in Tulalip Championship Wrestling at a mariachi restaurant. Worst part will be that the biggest drawing card was due to the $2.00 burger specials.

Theory #14: Shane was blackmailed to resign from WWE by being approached by a diva that had the dreaded “manila envelope”. Unfortunately Shane didn’t take Dusty’s advice that the envelope will go away.

Theory #15: Maybe Kurt Angle had Shane sent home for dating one of his ex’s.

Theory #16: Shane actually decided to branch out & open up a non wrestling related business. He decided he wanted to create his own legacy and successes on his own decision making abilities.


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