Mike Miller powerlifter

Mike Miller powerlifter
1st man to Squat 1200+ pounds (with a multiply suit)

Cuting down from his Powerlifting weight of 400 to 447 pounds.  Mike Miller is now weighting 275 pounds, his ideal pro wrestling and MMA fighting shape.

After setting the world record 1,220 pounds equipped Squat and having a 630 pounds raw Bench Press.  With nothing more to accomplish, Mike Miller quit powerlifting for strongman in 2005.
350 pounds was his strongman weight.
When he was a 400 pounder, he was stronger 
but he got trouble walking across a parking lot.
His wrestling name is Lex Lethal.  Holy smoke!!  This guy was known as one of the strongest men ever!!  So let him go by his name Mike Miller.  Fuck that stupid Lex Lethal name!/”&%#

Mike “Rage” Miller appeared in “The Wrestler”
with Mickey Rourke in 2008.


  1. Anonyme

    hy a powerlifter doing mma is not possible cause of the exaustion you get from muscles which are used to maybe 10 seconds of force then they go out but outside a octagon ist a different Thing ist a Topic i try to figure out i think you cant transfere f.e. 400 kg squats or 300 kg bench press into a fight so you Need functinal strength bye

  2. PYGOD

    Yes indeed. Cardio-vascular conditioning and stamina are greater asset in MMA, boxing, and kickboxing than superhuman strength. Look at Bob Sapp and Mariusz Pudzianowski, their MMA career are going nowhere.

  3. Unknown

    It's beautiful how everyone is a professional with expert advice on the web. Please, stop spreading your ludicrous opinions. No one without a degree in ex. Sci. Or ex. Phys. Should make comments like this. Haha. Just because you dedicated years to one sport that's all anaerobic doesn't mean your ratio of fibers disappear forever… That's like saying charles woodson could never play offense and defense in college. Well he did. Greatness is greatness. Not only was Mike Miller one of my hero's that got me into my sports , and winning gold every one. I personally spoke with him today and he took so much time to help me, learn about me, remember me, help my fiancee. It was his first day back lifting after 2 shoulder surgeries, and I have no doubt this man can break any goal he makes to this day . 99% of people don't have a clue what one day of his mindset and work ethic is like, he's amazing and that's that.

  4. PYGOD

    So what's your point???
    I understand that you're a fan/friend but the fact remains that gigantic strength athletes like Mike Miller are ill-suited for Combat Sports! Muhammad Ali never lifted a weight in his life for good reason.

  5. PYGOD

    Even sumo wrestlers – Combat Athletes by definition – sucked in MMA. See Akebono, a former Yokozuna turned into a 6'8", 525-pound MMA/Kickboxing tomato can with a 0-4 MMA record and 1-9 KickBoxing record. I don't any oversized powerlifter would fare any better than him in a legit cage or ring.

  6. Anonyme

    I must tell you when dropping the weight, he did cardio twice a day for a minimum of 45 minutes each session I on as well as weight training and stuff like walking the streets with an 8p pound sack, hill climbing, tire flipping etc…so while losing the weight, he expanded his cardio.

  7. PYGOD

    How much does he weight these days?

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