Maryana Naumova


Russian athlete, world
champion in the bench press, strongest girl-teenager in the World. MHPTeam

Nicknames: “Red Princess of Barbell” or “Red Bench Monster.”

Birthday: April 22th
Hometown: Moscow, Russia
Height: 5’8″ (173 cm)
Contest Weight: 136 lbs
Off-Season Weight: 144 lbs
Favorite Workout: Bench Press

15 years old
Equiped Bench Press record: 145 kg (320lb)

 Maryana Naumova with marks of her ultra-tight bench shirt for another equiped Bench Press record.

Maryana Naumova and Dana Lynn Bailey

Maryana Naumova public speaker

Maryana Naumova with her idol Arnold Schwarzenegger

Maryana Naumova (Russia) was the first teenager who was featured on the cover of
Powerlifting USA magazine, at age 12.

Valeria Bukina / Maryana Naumova / Nina Samsonova / Natasha Loftsova

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