Macho Man bitten by a Cobra snake for real!!!

In an epic wrestling feud between Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Randy “Macho Man” Savage in 1991.

While a stupid referee tried to restrain Randy Savage from entering the ring, Jake Roberts seized the opportunity to clubber the distracted Savage.

After getting beaten up, Savage got his arms entangled in the ropes. Then the party begins, Jake Roberts took a very real King Cobra snake out of his bag and used it to bite the helpless Randy Savage.

The King Cobra bit Randy Savage on the arm and refused to release his bite. The snake was de-venomized but as you can see by the blood on Savage’s arm, the giant snake had his fangs!!!

However the snake bite wasn’t without consequence for Randy Savage and… the King Cobra himself! As Savage said while remembering the planned incident:  When King Cobra bit me…oh my God. (Laughs) For days later my arm blew up like a balloon—they had to rush me off to the emergency room and get some hospital attention.But then 12 days later his snake died…so, you know, I think the snake got the venom from me!”

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