Shooter/Hooker/Legit Badass

HOMETOWN: The Isle of Samoa


WEIGHT:  285

AGE:  36
BENCH PRESS: 500 pounds
STANCE: Southpaw

ETHNICITY: Polynesian
CATEGORY: Chemically Assisted & Raw

STYLE:  CatchAsCatchCan Wrestling  /  Shoot Wrestling

BACKGROUND:  Amateur wrestling, MMA, Shoot wrestling, Street fighter

JAPAN SHOOT WRESTLING RECORD: 11-4-1 (incomplete record)

TITLE: Puroresu (Japanese Pro Wrestling) World Champion


– “Game Over” The Double Wristlock (snap the elbow)

– “Black Out” Strangle Hold (sleeper/side-headlock)
– “Suplex Machine”. KO’d opponents with brutal German suplexes. 
– “Sugar Hold”

– Uses every form of Dragon, Exploder, Northern Lights, and belly-to-belly suplex you can imagine.
– Offense based on mat wrestling and suplexes

– Started amateur wrestling at the age of 7
– Started wrestling in carnivals at only 15
– Won a World Championship in freestyle wrestling at 23
– Won the Olympic gold medal in freestyle wrestling at 24 
– Stayed at Shozo Takagi’s “Shoot Wrestling Dojo” in Japan for 8 years
– Became Puroresu (Japanese Pro Wrestling) World Champion at 31 to 32. Held the title for 374 days.  Was making $10,000 a week while wrestling in Japan.
– #1 Japan Shoot Wrestler at 32
– MMA Tournament Champion at 32 (defeating three opponents the same night)
– MMA Champion at 32 (287 days reign and 2 title defenses)
– He is currently in possession of Puroresu World Championship belt after defeating their champion by submission with a “Sugar Hold” three months ago. But he never defended his title.

INJURIES: Chronic back injuries since he is 29 years old… Car accident (a broken neck) at 33 years old… Currently suffering from a major right knee injury (torn ACL) but work throught it not giving it time to heal.

Cauliflower ears… judo fingers… broken nose… knocked off front teeth… broken left orbital bone… broken left cheekbone… broken right hand… several broken fingers, broken ribs… countless stitches…


  • An extraordinaire grappler and wrestler. Amateur wrestling marvel and crippling submission grappler. 
  • Unafraid to sink to any low, including nose-biting and eye-gouging. A sadist who enjoys breaking bones.
  • Iron grip and strength.
  • Possess incredible speed, quickness and reflexes for such a big man.
  • Never tapped out during his whole career.
  • Love to fight. He is a bully always looking for trouble since he know he can handle just about anybody. 
  • A feared and vicious street fighter.


  • Pure grappler. Possess inadequate striking techniques. Can easily handle almost anyone off the street – but in stand-up fighting against a top striker he is out of his element.  Limited stand-up fighter. Didn’t kick and only use his fists. No boxing skills. A fearsome street fighter but can’t fight toe to toe with a world class striker.
  • Nagging injuries/wear and tear. Suffered a near fatal broken neck in a car accident two years ago. Nagging lower back and knee injuries. He is always walking with a limp. A decade of Japanese pro wrestling had broken down his body.
  • Short fuse. Unstable and volatile, he can lose his temper and become vulnerable at any moment. Which caused him a lot of trouble outside the ring, cage or Battlefield. 
  • Party animal. Won’t think twice about drinking a case of beer (24 beers), smoking a pack of Marlboro Reds, chasing girls, partying til 5 o’clock in the morning and having 3 hours of sleep the night before his fights. He is also a drug abuser (pot, coke, and pills).

Olympic gold medalist in amateur freestyle wrestling, former MMA champion and carnivals wrestler. 
Legitimately trained in the art of shoot wrestling by Shozo Takagi.  

Renowned badass and legit asskicker outside of the Battlefield with several stories of him kicking the asses of others wrestlers, cops, boxers, fans…  He was involved in a lot of street fights.  Loves to mix it up with anybody.  PYGOD says that you can rest assured that he can beat the so-called best fighters in the world.

Started training to be a wrestler as a child… Got his start in the ring as a teenager, traveling from town to town with carnivals, taking on whatever local farmers thought they were tough enough to defeat him and earn a cash prize.

He compares his amateur wrestling years to high school and his years in Japan at Shozo Takagi’s Shoot Wrestling Dojo to university.

A pro wrestling during his entire career, he was used as the “above all” shooter / enforcer by wrestling promoters. He is the most popular gaijin (non-Japanese) wrestler in the eyes of Japanese fans.

“Strangle Hold Challenge” 


  • Broke the arms of two members of the reputed Santos family.
  • Was choked out twice by the greatest judoka of all time and then undefeated WMA World’s Top Martial Artist Kamisama in MMA/WMA matches. Once when Ruopa held the MMA title (in the match, however, only Kamisama’s WMA title was at stake).
  • Choked out by THE SHARK, a 6 feet tall, 190-pound, 23 years old Japanese shoot wrestler in 15:30 to a triangle choke. He pound-and-grounded his smaller foe for the entire match til the Japanese saw an opening and caught Ruopa in the choke. THE SHARK was his comeback opponent after breaking his neck in a near fatal car accident. He only took five months of rest and rehabilitation. His legitimate excuse for tapping out – for the first and only time in his career – was that he feared for his neck. Stating: “I competed with still a fuckin’ broken neck cause I needed the money. Otherwise I would wipe the shit off my ass with this Japanese geek!!” He was able to compete thanks to “a couple of beers and a lot of Vicodin” – whom he became addicted.

He is bully in is everyday life. Was involved in several fights with other fighters outside the ring or cage. He got sued plenty of times for kicking the shit out of anyone who got close to him. Promoters usually bail him out of trouble since he is a huge draw everywhere he goes. 

He has attacked and threatened to kill promoters, wrestlers, fighters, reporters, writers and even his wife. If he gets angry on you, felt that you slighted or disrespected him in any way, he will kick your ass! 

He was saddled with arrests, fines, and suspensions. He was involved in a lot of backstage fights. He often attacked non fighting/wrestling personnel. 

He is also known for his constant hazing and his cruel ribbing. Enjoys farting, doing drugs and injecting steroids in front of everyone in the locker room. Loves humiliating and taunting other people in public as he always wait to get an “audience” to humiliate and/or kicking other fighters’ asses backstage. He is definitely the most hated (and feared) man backstage everywhere he goes (pro wrestling, shoot fighting, MMA, Japan, USA, SLAUGHTERSPORT, everywhere).

The most common words used to describe him by those who have encountered him are “scumbag” and “bully”.

Stretching, torturing, and voluntary injuring prospects in tryout matches.

He and his drinking buddy Big Bully Brawler are reputed to be backstage bullies and hell raisers in any barrooms they go. The duo of troublemakers nicknamed themselves the “Toothless Bastards”.  Both are outspoken, trash-talking bullies always targeting World’s Greatest Fighter (Santos Dixon) in public verbal assaults. 

People are afraid of him and fear him for good reason. Konga Ruopa is a bully and a despicable human being.

Well-known for pissing in every hotel room he stayed in.

Konga Ruopa Shoot Wrestling School

despite having his own TV commercial. His wrestling school was nothing more than a scam. He operated and advertised his school in every place he competed. 
He invited and “trained” his students to his place (hotel room, appartment…), collected the Money. Then…

  •  Ruopa tried to injure his students on the first day by doing things like having them get on all fours and then stomping on their ankles.
  • If the stiffed student came back for a second training session. Ruopa would ask for even more Money, scheduled further training sessions and wouldn’t show up half of the time. 
  • Ruopa’s favorite scam was to recruit students just before leaving the territory. He make them pay then left to compete in another era or country.

Travel, steroids, pain, pills, and partying.

He is known as a master of drinking, fighting, wrestling and fucking.

Beer, steroids, and somas are his favorite drugs.

After being inactive and nursing injuries for most of last year, UST 2. His drug addiction is currently worse than ever

Up to 150 pills a day, taking 15 at a time. Pain pills, muscle relaxants, sleeping pills…
A case of (24) beer a day.
A pack of (25) cigarettes a day
An 8-ball (3.5 grams) of cocaine or even more on party night. 
and steroids.
An average of 2 bar fights a week.
His daily routine: Cocaine in the morning, pain pills to go through the day, beer and cigarettes are casual, sleeping pills at night.


  • Since he is 18 years old, he didn’t have a single year free of legal troubles due to his tendency to assault people.
  • At age 20, in Samoa, he knocked out two police officers in an altercation and was arrested.
  • At age 29, in Japan, he was arrested after kicking and assaulting an EMT backstage of a wrestling show.
  • In the United States, he was arrested 4 times for alcohol-related DUI (Driving Under Influence). He always refused to go in rehab.
  • At the age of 30, in Japan, he was arrested, jailed 4 months and fined $10,000 for punching a man after harassing the man’s girlfriend. Leaving the victim unconscious with severe facial injuries.
  • At age 35, last year while nursing his injuries at home, he was arrested for felony domestic violence.
  • Since the age of 25, he was accused of assault 7 different times by five different women.
  • Was arrested 3 times for drug possession.
  • Was arrested and sued for assault and threatening to kill the editor of a fighting magazine for being critical of him. He followed him into a bathroom and allegedly attacked him. 
  • Did the same to the chairman of a Japanese MMA promotion.
  • Did it again to another MMA executive.
  • Always using the same modus operandi. Following his prey in the bathroom and allegedly assaulting them while threatening to kill them. No witnesses. However he lost all three cases in court.

Despite all his car wrecks and DUI arrestations, he still drive top speed with a beer and a cigarette in each hand.

Isn’t affraid to bit noses off, bit ears off, gouge eyeballs out, crush windpipes, squeeze balls, break fingers…  Anything to win! A foul mouth and a bad temper. His greatest weakness is a fragile nervous system and erratic temperament. A regular at temper tantrum, erratic foul-mouthed lambashing public declarations, frequent bouts of roid rage. A dangerous man with a short fuse.

GRIP STRENGTH: Reputed to have been born with double tendons in his arms and hands.  He could crush pliers, crush apples with one hand, and bend steel bolt tires with his bare hands. Uses his iron grip to brutalize and control opponents.

GENETIC FREAK: Never went to the gym often but could still bench
500 pounds when he went. Use very lil anabolics compared to other Combatants. Partying, drinking, smoking, and womanizing lifestyle.

UST 1: Coming back from a near-fatal car wreck (broken neck), after only 5 months of rest and rehabilitation he tapped out to Pistrix in an MMA match. 
However he defeated Simson in a huge upset in SLAUGHTERSPORT. 
UST 2Suffered from a major knee injury (torn ACL) before entering the UST 2 but participated nonetheless. 
June 27, was crippled by The Big Thing in 52 seconds and out for the rest of the year.
Sitting at home nursing his wounds. His alcohol and pills addiction worsened with inactivity.
UST 3: Some doctors said that he would need 13 months (til the end of July this year) to FULLY recuperate from his multitude of injuries.
Refused to undergo the 30-day drug rehab treatment offered by the UST.
Didn’t changed his lifestyle a bit. Unfrequent gym training, bar brawling, red meat, alcohol, coke, steroids, pills, and cigarettes.
Will not show up at the UST Presentation.
Will suffers from a torn tricep this year but will compete anyway.
Will be double-crossed by his best friend Big Bully Brawler if they fight. BBB agreed to take a dive to avoid unnecessary punishment from the superior Ruopa but will sucker punch him instead. 

1 win – 4 losses

WIN     1-0  Simson               KO (German suplexes)        1:35
LOSS  1-1  WGF                   KO (choked by a knee to the throat)  7:09
LOSS  1-2  Andromache       KO (Body scissors)  1:32    UST2
LOSS  1-3  Kamisama           KO (foot stomps)  31:21     UST2
LOSS  1-4  The Big Thing     KO (choke slam)  0:52       UST2

An asshole til the end! 

At 40 years old, in a rage tantrum, he will beat his spouse and child to death. Hours later, he called the police in cry confessing the double homicide. Through remorseful, he was accused of two second-degree murders and condamned to a life sentence in jail. 

He was far from being a first-time offender. It is well documented that he had many run-ins with the law and a long history of violence, brawling, resisting arrests, assaulting police officers, drunken behaviours…

Died of an heart
attack in prison at 44. An autopsy will reveal that his past anabolic
use may have played a part in his death.





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