Jeremiah Riggs / Big Rig

Big Rig with hair???
Is this a wig or what???

Jeremiah Riggs
6’0″, 180-200 lbs
but billed at 5’10”, 185 lbs in Rock Of Love???

Jeremiah Riggs aka Big Rig is a MMA fighter, a pro wrestler, and more importantly a reality TV star.   His greatest claim to fame was to be in MTV’s Daisy Of Love in 2009, rebaptized Big Rig there.  He also appeared in MMA/UFC’s rookie reality show The Ultimate Fighter in 2007.  And on WWE pro wrestling training show Tough Enough in 2011 were he was nicknamed MMA.

As an MMA fighter, he is a perfect 0.500 fighter (7 wins 7 losses).  He started training in MMA in 2005 at 22 years old.

As a pro wrestler, he didn’t goes that far.  After his WWE Tough Enough participation, he was relegated to WWE developmental territory FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) for a tryout but was released immediately due to his very bad attitude.

Jeremiah Riggs / Big Rig

Aliases: Mississippi (MMA); Big Rig (Daisy Of Love); MMA (WWE)
Birthdate: December 12, 1982 (1982-12-17)
Birthplace: Vicksburg, Mississippi
Height: 6’0″ (183 cm)
Weight: 185 lbs (84 kg)
Weight Class: Middleweight
MMA record: 7-7
7 wins (1 KO-3 Submissions-3 Decisions) – 7 losses (1 KO-5 Submissions-1 Decision)
Years Active in MMA: Since 2007
Professional Wrestling career: March 2011-May 2011

Reality TV Shows:
– UFC The Ultimate Fighter 2007
– MTV Daisy Of Love 2009
– WWE Tough Enough 2011
Jeremiah “Mississippi” Riggs MMA record
Tough Enough -Character Profile: Jeremiah Riggs
Jeremiah (Big Rig) Daisy Of Love cast bios

The other MMA fighter of Daisy Of Love Aric “Cage” Nelson
I would have really enjoy seeing Cage getting his ass kicked by Big Rig.  Cage was such a fuckin’ drunk short-fused bully!

Big Wig looking like a toothless redneck retard “from the dirty south.”
No gimmick needed

Big Rig at his best.

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