One thought on “Importance of Sleep for Elite Athletes

  1. I like this site very much. Unrelated to the content of this post (nice content, btw), i'm here to say why Minowaman isn't an underdog:

    Minowaman is said to be the underdog of fights due to smallish size and height, and is a hero of his people, the japanese. It seems like he represents japanese population: physically weaker in therms of absolute body size, relatively speaking.

    Thing is japanese people indeed have tinier bodies. They are more ectomorphic, that is, they have smaller bone structures and thus less no-training muscles, less muscle building capability etc.

    Look at this pic from Minowaman:
    See how he have broad shoulders, broad ribcage, meaty developed musculature, etc. That said, Minowaman is bigger and stand out from the rest of Japan. We have to remember they're a more homogenous race, so japanese physical traits apply for the large majority of population.

    Minowaman isn't only big framed and muscular, and bigger framed and more muscular than most of Japan, he is taller too. Japan's average is 170cm, while Minowaman is 175cm. Not a big difference, not even in day to day life, but accounts for him being indeed tall in his homeland

    That said, the great Minowaman (i really like his persona and fighting context, that is, his style, era, championships, etc) stand out from the rest of his people, he is bigger (bone structure, muscle, and height wise), so he was impressive in there.

    Bear in mind he fight men bigger than him and, even if he is not the day to day japanese, he is sure an inspiration to his people. Dedicated, skilled, corageous, facing adversities and he is, indeed, an underdog. A respected, victorious, known to be good, loved underdog.

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