Fight Night (2004) Underground Illegal Fighting

Blood, and broken bones is a part of being an underground fighter, but for L.G., Jeremy and Conrado there is much more to it. For them it’s a way out, it’s a way to support a family, and a way to carry on a tradition. However, Mack and Napoleon, the two men running the fights for their gambling website, see the fighters as dogs, expendable, and a cheap way to entertain their online audience.    (imdb)


  • Fight Night is subscription-based and on invitation-only among the regular gamblers of their casino gambling website.
  • Gamblers can bet anywhere between $500 to $5000. With up to 400 punters per fights there is a lot of Money at stake.
  • No rules. No pads. No weight classes. No shit!! Fight to the finish.
  • Performance Enhanced Drugs are legal there!! 
  • No trophy. No ribbons. Just cash! 2K per fight.
  • Fighters are recruited by the promoter or come by themselves. 
  • Conrado, the champion, is a 22 years big judoka who started his training at the age of 3.
  • The youngest fighter is 16.

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