Daniel Bryan Wyatt Family member

Vince’s most stupid idea

As seen on the December 30, 2013 episode of WWE Monday Night RAW.  After an endless struggle against The Authority and numerous beatings from the Wyatts. Instead of continuing fighting battles that he just can’t win.  Daniel Bryan apparently decided to join the Wyatt Family.

Is Daniel Bryan officially a member of the Wyatt Family?

What about Brie Bella? Will she be known as Brie Wyatt?

Since any good cult leader can get the chicks of his disciples… What about the couple of Bray & Brie Wyatt?

Brie Bella passing from one ugly bearded man to another.

The following week on WWE Monday Night Raw Old School on January 6, 2013: Daniel Bryan is officially a member of the Wyatt Family

Watch out for:

Fortunately Vince didn’t choose to go this way with the Wyatt.

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