Blood Moon martial arts movie


CONS: Weak storyline… Bad script… Very bad acting particularly from the villain… Unrealistic crap. The villain is not only a fighting expert but a computer expert who seem to be everywhere at the same time… Killing the Champions of each Combat Sports is a good idea but for which reason all these Champions live in New York City?.. How a kendo stick Combatant can compete in an hand-to-hand fighting tournament? Does he beats the shit out of his unarmed opponents with his kendo stick?.. Killing a retired cop seems to be the masterpiece of his serial killing of the best Martial Artists in the world?? Another non-sense… The villain wears a silly zorro wannabe leather-attire and has a stupid laugh. 

PROS: Killing all the fighters of the Master’s Challenge… Excellent fight choreography… Steel-boot and steel fingers… WWE pro wrestler Rob Van Dam is in the movie.

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