The Biggest Arms In The World

The Biggest Arms In The World
Written by PYGOD on August 23, 2007

After my article RAW BENCH, I decide to follow with another
hugely popular topic: THE BIG GUNS MADNESS.  Yes, that’s what we all want.  Big Arms!  Big arms are for men what boobs are for women!  I think every strength athlete, if not every man, aims to have the biggest arms possible.  That’s my case!  Call it bigorexia, reverse anorexia or muscular dysmorphia…  I always aim to be bigger and stronger!  It’s probably the case of most of us, strength trainees.  We always aim for more!  This is a good thing, as long as we don’t risk our health in the process.

As I have said before, after years of training on squats, and deadlifts, and strongman contests competitions, it was time for a change!  Time to have fun!  Being as vain as I am, I love to impress my entourage.  I love when people turns their heads when I’m walking in the street or best, at the shopping mall.  Of
course, the best way to show your strength without doing anything, is by having big arms; big biceps and triceps.  It’s a popular conception of strength!  Myth or reality, people has always associate big arms with physical strength!

So, as you know, I always love to do research on the subjects and topics that fascinate me.  I always aim for the top, nothing less!   So I wanted to know who have the biggest arms in the world! Here are the results of my research. Hope you enjoy!

Let’s begin with the Crappler Club:

Vic Richards

Number 1 on my list is the pro bodybuilder, Vic Richards. I couldn’t believe the exaggerations that I’ve read about him. Let’s start with his stats: born in 1964… 5’10″… competition weight: 340 lbs with 5% bodyfat… off-season weight: 370 lbs with 10% bodyfat… 24″ neck… 37″ thighs… 24″ calf… 14″ ankle… 68″ chest… 45″ shoulder width… 26″ biceps… 21″ forearms… 13″ wrist… 34″ waist.  The worst is that he claims his diet consists of 30,000 calories a day! Yes 30,000 calories a day including a daily intake of 16 lbs of rice?!?!?  Compared to those claims, even the impressive Greg Kovacs looks like modest and humble. Personally, in my view, Mr. Richards is huge, but not bigger than your average top ten bodybuilder.                          

Greg Kovacs

Number 2 on the list; the huge Canadian bodybuilder Greg Kovacs. Another king of exaggeration, but probably the
biggest and maybe strongest bodybuilder in the world. Born in 1968, Greg and his Muscle Tech camp claim stats like: 6’3″, 408 lbs off-season,
26″ arms, 70″ chest, 35″ quads and numerous weightlifting unofficial records.  His claims even earned him an invitation at the first edition of the Arnold Strongman Classic in 2002.  Interested at first, Kovacs eventually declined the offer; having to cut down his weight for upcoming bodybuilding competitions.

World Records Holder
“Dr Size” Isaac Nesser

Next I give you the owner of the worlds largest chest (74″) and the world’s largest biceps (29″) as measured by the Guinness Book of World Records in 1995.  Born in 1962 with the following stats: 6′, 368 lbs, 23.5″ neck, 22″ forearms.  Isaac Nesser claims a 950 lb bench press, and barbell curls of 315 lbs x 5 reps.  I found very few pics of him, he has a website, but we don’t see a lot of him.  He claims to be drug-free (good thing) and lambasts powerlifting and strongman organizations.  He goes on about how all strength athletes are on roids (not far from the truth) and that he wouldn’t demonstrate any feat of strength unless somebody pay him seven figures for it.  WOW! A very special character!  But to believe it, I’ve got to see more of him, different pictures from different angles. 29-inch arms and 74-inch chest, it’s monstrously HUGE!!!!   I need more proof!   And a 950 lbs raw bench that nobody has never seen?  Contrary to what he said, if I had that kind of strength, it would be my pleasure to do bench demonstrations to humiliate all the druggies in the world!! Just like Jim Henderson does! (see RAW BENCH for more information)

In the MIDDLE we have the so-so claims. Of course there are lots of pro wrestlers here.  The likes of Hulk Hogan, Superstar Billy Graham, Scott Steiner, Quebecer wrestler PCO; all claim 24″ pythons or so. For sure, all those guys possess huge arms but they are probably more like the 22″ range than 24″.

Canadian strongman Dominic Filiou
THE DARK HORSES: first with the World’s Strongest Man competitor Dominic Filiou.  He is without a shadow of a doubt, the Biggest Muscular Man in the Universe.  He is 6’5″ and weighs in at a massive 441 lbs with no belly. This man is truly huge!  I’ve competed against him a couple of times and his biceps looks as large as my thighs and his back is probably one and a half time the size of a regular 300 lbs WSM competitor.  His arms are said to be between 23″ and 24″ but
I can’t believe it… They seemed larger than that!


Stevie Ray and Cash / 4×4

I also must mention the short time WCW wrestler competing under the name of “Cash and 4×4”. This member of the ‘No-Limit Soldiers’ of Master P is a huge man of approximately 5’11”-6′ and weighs between 375 to 400 lbs.  He looks
like a big strong powerlifter with cannonball shoulders and tree trunk arms. I think he was a professionnal bodyguard at one time.


Now let’s go with the BIG ONES!!

Lee Priest

Lou Ferigno at 320 lbs with 23″ guns.  No… Not big enough!!!  Multiple-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman with a off-season weight of 340 lbs and 24″ guns.  Yes, you talk!! This man is surely bigger than Vic Richards…  Pro bodybuilder Lee Priest with an off-season weight of 285 lbs for 5’4″ and 24″ guns…  Its true!  And it’s surely impressive!!


Let’s go with RECORD HOLDER sized arms. 

Actor and pro wrestler Jeep Swenson

All these men have known to possess the World’s Biggest Biceps at one time or another…  Pro wrestler and actor Jeep Swanson with his 24″ arms on a 6’4″, 375 to 400 lbs frame with an impressive 63″ chest… 

Jake Strauss

Manfred Hoeberl

Powerlifter Gary Aprahamian, a former Guiness Record holder with 25.5″ arms for a 61″ chest on a 360 to 400 lbs frame… World’s Strongest Man competitor Manfred Hoeberl with his huge 25.5″ guns on a lean and muscular 6’5″, 330 lbs physique…  South African bodybuilder and strongman Jake Strauss shooks the world with his 26″ arms. At 6’5″, 310 lbs, he looks like the second coming of Manfred Hoeberl.


“Mr. Synthol” Greg Valentino

Of course we cannot forget the media and internet sensation, Gregg Valentino with his 28″ roids oil-fulled pythons.  Born in 1960, the 5’6″, 250 lbs former bodybuilder said he obtains his peaks by injecting himself with 5000 mg weekly in strategic places on his arms.  Having for effect, that the accumulation of
steroid oil (synthol) make his triceps and biceps bigger and larger than ever.  Of course this makes him look freaky and weird since his arms look like big air balloons and are very disproportionate compared to the rest of his body.  Love him or hate him, the man has the guts to tell the truth about his arm size and his former steroids abuse.

Of course as aforementioned, the one-time mysterious record holder “Dr. Size” Isaac Nesser with his huge 29″ biceps.

drum roll, the man with the World’s Largest Biceps as attested by the Guiness Book of Record, I give you Deeeeenis Seeeeeeester!!!  

From Bloomington, Minnesota, Denis Sester weighs in at 425 lbs for 6’5″ tall. This American farmer born in 1952, developped his 30 5/8″ biceps by wrestling with pigs during
his adolescence and by doing 150 lbs curls with a bucket.

See the pic, this man, Denis Sester is 100% synthol-free and roid-free! 

I just hope that this article inspires you to get the biggest and strongest arms you can get.  If you know more bodybuilders, powerlifters, and strongmen with arms in the 24″-25″ range, let me know.

So long!


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