Alexander Rusev monster push

Yes, personally I think that Alexander Rusev monster push will end up like bullshit.

From past to present, it’s has always been that way in WWF/WWE.

Pro wrestlers with humongous physiques almost always get a monster push in their WWE debut but almost always end as glorified jobbers. 
Giant Gonzalez billed at 8 foot tall and 460 pounds
After an initial push ala Great Khali, targetting and manhandling The Undertaker from the start.
Jorge Gonzalez just like Khali, ended on the losing way.
Giant Gonzalez, Great Khali, Chris Masters, Umaga, Wladimir Kozlov, Brodus Clay, Tensai, Ryback are just a few example. Alexander Rusev is next!

Even etablished WWE monster heels like Big Show, Kane, and Mark Henry suffered the same fate but not permanently. Big Show, Kane and Mark Henry came back and forth between main eventing and jobbing several times during their career.

The Great Khali
A 7’3″, 435 lbs bodybuilder shouldn’t be used for dancing and jobbing purpose.
The worst example you can get is the Great Khali. From an undestructible World Champion to a pure bottom of the barrel jobber. KHALI WAS DEFEATED BY 3MB HEATH SLATER!!!!

GOLDBERG 173-0 winning streak

For every Bill Goldberg there is 100 Brodus Clay.

However some wrestlers whose initially started with a monster push stayed successful for their entire career.
The Road Warriors (80s); Hulk Hogan (80s); Nikita Koloff (80s); The Ultimate Warrior (1990); Goldberg (1998); Brock Lesnar (2002)

But I can bet my last dollar that Alexander Rusev won’t be the next Brock Lesnar.

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