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Machine Gun Martinez


Given Name: Juan Hernandez Martinez
Recognized as: The Greatest Boxer Of All Time.
Nicknames: The Ultimate Boxing Machine, "The hardest-hitting heavyweight in the world", MGM
Self-Proclaimed: "the best fighter in the world"
Residence: Miami, Florida, United States
Height: 6'7"  (6'11" with hair)
Weight: 231 lbs
Years Pro: 9
Age: 27
Reach: 81"
Body Fat: 5.5%

Ethnicity: Afro-Caribbean father / Cuban mother
Nationality: Cuban
Blood Type: O
Category: Chemically Assisted & Raw

Amateur Boxing Record: 107-1 (69 KOs)  Including 40 first round KOs. His only loss was avenged twice.
  • Olympic SuperHeavyweight Gold medalist at the age of 18.
  • 6 times National Cuban Champion as a junior
Pro Boxing Record: 50-0 (48 KOs)   Including 36 first round KOs.  9 flash knockouts (in less than 60 seconds) 
  • Undefeated and Undisputed World Heavyweight Boxing Champion.
  • Retired after an 8 years professional Boxing career.

Began his boxing career at the age of 13.
Turned pro and defected to USA with his coach Gabriel Morales after becoming the Olympic SuperHeavyweight Gold medalist at the age of 18.
  • Has never been knocked down or knocked out as a professional, amateur or in sparring. 

Personality: Loudmouth, king of self-promotion, womanizing, cocky and arrogant. Turned his back to 6 million people for the Million of dollars promised by the US promoters.

Teased the public with the idea of fighting in other sports. But now, feeling he has nothing left to prove,  he is retired undefeated from Boxing last year.

Lifestyle & Training: Despite his arrogance, flashy lifestyle, and obvious taste for luxury. He is fully dedicated to his art, Boxing. 
  • He doesn't smoke, drink alcohol, do recreational drugs nor eat junk. But he uses PED (Performance Enhancement Drugs) in his quest of excellence.
  • Trained 10 hours a day for 10 weeks for his Boxing matches (including running and screwing).
  • Runs 90 km a week.
  • Needs to screw a groupie 90 minutes before each matches.

Started training for the UST-3 tournament the day after having his last professional boxing match. 

Had 6 months of sprawl training before having his first UST-3 war.


  • Brags that he had sex with thousands of women and that for the last seven to eight years he had sex with 3 different women daily. He states that his womanizing is a vital part of his training.
  • As we learned from the numerous paternity suits against him. He fathered 11 children from 9 different women (gold diggers). Haven't shown any interest to met any of them. When asked about it, he shamelessly responds that he is just spreading his superior genes. 
  • His bodyguard #1 is usually assigned to feed him with groupies, hookers, strippers or any women suitable to his taste.
  • Always accompagnied by at least two beautiful women wherever he goes.

Strategy: As a boxer, his strategy was to NOT TO GET HIT through boxing from the outside (jabbing and uppercut to those who dare to close the distance) and footwork, bobbing and weaving, and sidestepping charges. Then dropping the BOMBS, his left hook to the body and his right uppercut to the jaw.

Six months of sprawl training.

Signature moves:

  • Left jab. Enough speed, precision and power to KTFO of anybody.

  • $20,000 gold and silver threadsequins, rhinestones and mink-trimmed hand-made custom-made Boxing shorts. 
  • old-school boxing boots with fringes matched with his Boxing trunks
  • knee sleeves, long socks, 
  • taped fists, 
  • specially made one 4-ounce red MMA horsehair glove on his right hand. 
  • Mouth guard
  • Boxing cup
  • Vaseline on his face, neck, forehead, ears, lower back, and a little all over his body and arms. 
His Battlefield attires are paid for by the UST. A brand new outfit will be customized for each of his Wars, up to 15.
Machine Gun Martinez holds the World Record for the most expensive fighting gear / attire ever. However the UST will keep Machine Gun Martinez ultra-expensive boxing trunks for his museum.

Ethnicity: Afro-Cuban

Entourage: Manager, promoter, trainer, cornerman, bodyguard #1, + an entourage of 5 men.
Two to three beautiful women at all time. Was obligated to fire his promoter and manager upon signing to compete in the UST 3. For the UST-3, he hired a former MMA champion and a kickboxer for training, sparring and coaching.

Background story: With the rise of the SLAUGHTERSPORT and the decline of all the other sports. The newly retired Boxing king Machine Gun Martinez is rumored to be near bankruptcy. MGM needs a lot of Money to keep up his lavish lifestyle. 

Hip Hop icon: MGM personifies the high roller womanizing lifestyle, rag-to-riches, brash arrogance, and fuck you defiant attitude that every ghetto kids look up to. While Mustafa Muhammad appears in underground Southern hip hop music videos. MGM does regular cameos in mainstream Hip Hop videos.

Entrance Music: M2 Browning Machine Gun sound effects
LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out

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