lundi 7 avril 2014

Stephanie McMahon Breasts for Business

Stephanie McMahon admitted on August 14, 2001 during an appearance on The Opie and Anthony Show that she underwent breast augmentation surgery the previous month--shortly before she became the fictional owner of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Her decision was provoked by seeing a sign in the audience suggesting that her breasts sagged. Stephanie also noted her bra size as a D cup and that she had been advised by her doctor to regularly massage them.

Bra size 34 D

Breast for Business

Stephanie McMahon looking at Triple H's ex, Chyna

Stephanie McMahon milk factory

Stephanie McMahon not only have a good rack. Stephanie McMahon have a good ass!

Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner rapes Stephanie McMahon on the table

Stephanie McMahon wardrobe malfunction tit slip

Top 5 Wrestling Wives And Girlfriends Best Breasts


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