WWE World Champion AJ Styles defeated by a pure jobber

The jobber in question here isn’t a jobber like Titus O’Neil or the Zack Ryder of a year ago. Not at all! 

WWE World Champion AJ Styles was defeated by a pure jobber!! 

Or if you prefer…

jobber James Ellsworth defeated WWE World Champion AJ Styles at Smackdown… 

TWICE, 2 weeks in a row!!!

James Ellsworld vs AJ Styles WWE Smackdown Live 11 October 2016 (Full Match) HD

AJ Styles vs James Ellsworth WWE World Championship Match Smackdown Live 18 October 2016

James Ellsworth. 

The worst looking of them all!

James Ellsworth doesn’t even look like a pro wrestler. 

Undersized, ugly, pale, bleached-blonde, chinless, muscleless, about 5’7″ despite being billed at 5’9″, 176 pounds, skinny fat, already 31 years old, 14 years of pro wrestling experience nonetheless…

In term of jobber, James Ellsworth is on a par with the Mulkey Brothers.

For me, it is a scandal! Probably the best wrestler in the world accepting to lose against a scrub!??!

Anyway, it seem that underdog losers are good for business…

Think of Daniel Bryan (at least he was a great wrestler and a lovable guy who just haven’t the required look of a WWE Superstar. Bryan still looked an hundred times better and more credible than Ellsworth)

Believe it or not…

James Ellsworth is more popular than the returning Goldberg??!!??

James Ellsworth T-shirt outsells Goldberg

James Ellsworth slogan
At least James Ellsworth catchphrase / slogan is cool.

James Ellsworth jobber WWE 2K17
James Ellsworth jobber WWE 2K17

James Ellsworth High School graduation picture

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