Weight loss SECRET

Weight loss SECRET
This hobo will give you the one million dollar
Weight Loss SECRET for some spare change.

How did this homeless man lost so many weight without spending a single dollar on liposuction, fancy diet, protein shake and cardio exercise???

Is it possible???

I say YES!
It is possible and quite easy to lose weight.
The million dollar secret to miracle weight loss
is a magical formula of two words.
Yes, only two words.


Free translation in french is


et si ca fait pas


That’s it! That your ONLY solution if you want to lose weight.
Simple and very economic.
Fuck working out, the one and only thing you have to do is to

But I guess it is too hard to understand for the 
New Year’s resolution crowd of spineless cockroaches.

After all, losers need excuses to explain their mediocrity.

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