“Vunderkindom” – Russian SLAUGHTERSPORT School

“Vunderkindom” Aleksandr Barchlov

Nickname: Vunderkindom, вундеркиндом, Child Prodigy, The Boy Wonder, Wonder Boy, Sambo Kid, Russian Pitbull
Birthplace:Novosibirsk, Russia

Residence:Moscow, Russia

Height: 174 cm (5’8 1/2″) 
Weight: 94.5 kg (208 lbs/14st 12 lb)
Reach: 173 cm (68″)
Neck: 52 cm (20″)
Chest: 132 cm (52″)
Waist: 91 cm (36″)

Years of Training: 7
Age: 17

Style: SLAUGHTERSPORT (Grappling/Kickboxing/Free Fighting)
Category: Chemically Assisted & Raw

Strengths: Stronger, faster, and fitter than most Combatants… 
Weaknesses: Lack of size… Alcoholic and chain smoker.

Arsenal: Takedowns… Submission grappling (leg locks)… Right punch to the jaw… Low kicks
Finisher: Eye-Gouging  

  • Wents through a highly selective process to be in part of the Russian SLAUGHTERSPORT School.
  • Was segregated from his parents at the early age of 10 and hot-housed in the Russian SLAUGHTERSPORT School.
  • Started the mandatory doping program at the age of 10.
  • Already considered ‘the best fighter of the nation’ at the age of 15.
  • Considered world class at the age of 17 and elligible for UST 3 as the best Combatant the Russian SLAUGHTERSPORT School has to offer.
  • Survived 7 years of grueling year-round daily training
  • Steroids, hormone therapy.
  • Smoke up to 50 cigarettes (2 packs) a day.
  • Takes shots of vodka after training, sauna, ice bath, etc, before his wars (fights) and sleeping, and sometimes between training sessions. About 12 oz. of vodka a day on average but a lot more when he is binge drinking on Sunday.  Has a bottle of vodka in his gym bag when he travels.
  • Has no skills aside from fighting.
  • Bitch tits, acne

Entourage: Coach Ruslan Sadikoff, Dr Magnus Herzer
Theme Song: Russia National Anthem


“The World Most Productive Combat Machine”

Head Coach: 
Coach Ruslan Sadikoff    

  • 5’2 1/2″  
  • 61 years old 
  • Olympics Silver medalist in Judo at the age of 25.
  • 3 times Judo World Championships medalist (2 Silver, 1 Bronze) from age 23-25.
  • International Master of Sports in Judo
  • International Master of Sports in Combat Sambo
  • 6th Degree Black Belt in Judo
  • 1st Razryad Grand Master in Sambo
  • Was conferred a PhD in Sports Science at the age of 28 at the Moscow State University.
  • Merited Master of Sports of the USSR at the age of 30.
  • Former teacher in physical training.
  • Cult-figure head coach there for the last 25 years, since he is 36 years old.
  • Speaks Russian, German, and English.
  • Fearsome, ruthless, relentless in his drive for improvement. 
  • “Survival of the fittest” is his mantra. 
  • He has total control over the life of his students.
  • He forces his Combatants to train around injuries and through extreme soreness. And organize real fights once a week between them. He openly admitted the high risk of injury is training system creates. Avoiding injuries and proper recovery aren’t important for him.
  • Believes that constant fighting will put the body in adaptative condition.
  • However he slowdowns on his Combatant chosen to compete in the UST two weeks before fighting to keep him healthy and injurie-free.
  • Said that a shot or two of vodka before fighting has actual immediate performance enhancing effects.
  • Chain smoker.
  • Beats child students for lack of discipline or effort.
  • A ruthless “win at all costs” soul crusher obsessed with creating “The Best Fighter In The World”. And most of all, that his representant (chosen student to fight in the UST) squashes the best of the three other SLAUGHTERSPORT Training School (USA, Rome, Japan).

“Win at all costs.” 

Training Regimen

  • Picking the best athletes, highest intensity training, commanding discipline.
  • Students train full time
  • Children as young as 4 years old are segregated from their families, didn’t attend school and forced to train all day every day.
  • The SLAUGHTERSPORT feeds and houses them, provides gear, “supplements”, therapy and clothes, and pays for everything.
  • Most students are paid between $500 to $1500US per month to train. If the student is below 13 years of age, his parents get his stipend. As “the best fighter of the nation”, Zhirov earned a minimum of $7000 per month salary ($84K a year). Now he is paid up to $11-12000 a month ($132-144K a year) 
  • No distractions, no TV, no Internet, no Facebook.
  • Training 9 hours a day (morning, afternoon & evening/ 8 AM to 10h30 PM) for 6 times a week and only an AM Free Fighting training session on Sunday. All year-round.
  • 12 sessions of 45 minutes with 30 minutes breaks in between to smoke, eat or nap. The 12 sessions are divided in three periods. AM is dedicated to Grappling; PM is for Kickboxing, and the evening is for Free Fighting. With only an AM periods of Free Fighting on Sunday morning, the rest of the day is off.
  • The temperature is 32°C in the training zone. (heat training)
  • No holiday, no vacation. Coach stated that a break from training of only one month would make his students rusty and lazy.
  • Focus and trained on 3 things exclusively: Grappling (Combat Sambo/Judo/Catch/Greco-Roman/Freestyle Wrestling), Kickboxing, and Free Fighting. Nothing else, no cardio, no weight training, no calisthenics. Just fighting.  Every training session is a contest and a competition.
  • They train in front of live crowds in the arena/gymnasium. Anybody can attend the daily training sessions for free.
  • The students compete in real fights every Friday in a Battlefield in front of live crowds in the arena (at normal temperature). Anybody can attend the show for free. The Russian SLAUGHTERSPORT School ‘Friday Night Wars’ are televised live on the SLAUGHTERSPORT Network.  The ‘winner of the night’ will receive a $1000US bonus. Which mean that a dominant student like “Vunderkindom” can make up to $52,000 a year in bonus on top of his monthly salary. No matter his previous success in competition, a student can loss his place in the team if he is defeated in those wars. 
  • High-injury incidence means natural selection. Only the strong shall survive!
  • All students/athletes are only allowed to wear the School’s official tracksuit.
  • Ruthless, brutal, very strict.

6 hours 45 minutes of intense training a day 
(Nine 45-minute sessions with 30-minute break in between)
10-12 hours of sleep a day
(At least 10 hours of sleep a night + power naps) 
6000 calories a day of good quality food
(3 meals + 1 or several snacks + 1 meal replacement before sleeping)
Several pills, drinks, and injections of “vitamins / recovery agents” (steroids and growth hormones) daily
2 packs/ 50 cigarettes a day + 12 oz. of vodka a day (liquid courage & stress relievers???)
Ice bath, sauna, massage



(2 hours 15 minutes of Grappling AM)
smoke, eat or nap
smoke, eat or nap


(2 hours 15 minutes of Kickboxing PM)
smoke, eat or nap
smoke, eat or nap


(2 hours 15 minutes of Full Fighting / replaced by televised full fighting bouts every Friday night)
smoke, eat or nap
smoke, eat or nap

Meal replacement 
sleeping for 10 hours

Only an AM Free Fighting training session on Saturday
sauna, massage, vodka, 2 hours nap on the afternoon

Saturday night is vodka and discotheque

Sunday is off

Tapering is therefore achieved by reducing training frequency over the final two weeks. Typically he would have his lifter’s drop to four sessions in the penultimate week and then two sessions during the final week. Of course athletes in his system were already very tolerant of such training.

Survival of the Fittest
  • Focus exclusively on winners, on elite athletes. If you aren’t a winner, you aren’t important and you aren’t worth the effort.
  • Picking the best athletes, highest intensity training, commanding discipline, 
  • Every year, more than 30 children join the School, but very few are kept.
  • Every training session is a contest. Everything is a competition.
  • Only extremely successful Combatants and those who showed tremendous potential are allowed to stay.
  • Coach Ruslan Sadikoff forces his students to train around injuries and through extreme soreness. 
  • Organizes real fights once a week between his students. 
  • Believes that constant fighting will put the body in adaptative condition.
  • The students compete in real fights weekly. No matter his previous success in competition, a trainee can loss his place in the team if he is defeated in those wars. 
  • High-injury incidence means natural selection. Only the strong shall survive!
  • More than 120 athletes/children are training full-time there with the only goal to compete in the UST. Only ONE will compete.
  • Students are dropped from the School when they became useless.

“Do whatever it takes to win.”

Doping and Supplements program

White pillsA Hyperdermic needle
  • Russian SLAUGHTERSPORT School is very closely connected to SLAUGHTERSPORT Laboratory, which is deeply involved in sports performance pharmacology and genetic manipulation.
  • Mandatory doping starts around the age of 10. Oral Turinabol, EPO and testosterone…
  • Oral Turinabol (blue pills) 40mg every day
  • Daily injection of testosterone suspension
  • 3 Dianabol pills a day (pink pills) 15mg
  • Students are given a variety of pills, drinks, and injections of anabolic steroids and male hormones in massive doses without being told what it is. Telling them its “vitamins”.
  • Takes up to 30 pills a day.
  • Daily injections of steroids and other Performance Enhancing Drugs.
  • Stimulants/amphetamines, ephedrine, blood boosting, cortisone pain injections…
  • Hormone therapy, and GENE MANIPULATION.
  • Supplements included creatine, B12 by injection, Folic Acid, Orotic Acid combo.
  • Taking all sorts of herbs and adaptogens.

Recovering Agents
  • Constant massage therapy. Massages before, during, and after workouts.
  • Rest and sleep are regimented and measured. Bed time is strictly enforced
  • At least 10 hours of sleep at night

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