April 6th 2012 we announced the launch of a new sport Ultimate Ball, the brain child of UCMMA owner Dave O’Donnell, during the break at UCMMA27 the first ever game of UltimateBall featured Team Razer Vs Team Bloodline. 

 In 1993 they said that UFC will never take off, look at it now, UltimateBall is the sport of the future, this isnt just an MMA ad on this is a NEW sport in its own right.

As you may doubt, as today February 2015, this hybrid MMA/rugby sport never took off.

Nonetheless, this original and one of a kind underground sport is still alive today. 

Take a look at the rules.

Ultimate Ball

UCMMA created a new sport inside MMA during the early part of 2012 called ‘Ultimate Ball’. The team-based sport, which combines sports such as rugby,American footballbasketball and mixed martial arts, is played in the cage in which both sides try to get the rugby-shaped ball into the opposition’s goal, with takedowns and body shots allowed. Ultimate Ball debut at UCMMA 27.
The concept to Ultimate Ball came to Dave O’Donnell around the time Cage Rage was at its highest peak, but had to wait until UCMMA grew bigger to make the sport happen.
The rules to Ultimate Ball are:
  1. Two five-minute rounds
  2. If there is a draw after ten minutes, then a one-minute additional time and the first player to score wins the game.
  3. If after the one-minute extra time it is still a draw, it goes into penalty shootout until one time takes the lead.
  4. To score, the ball must stay in the net to count.
  5. One player can’t score straight away until a teammate scores the next goal.
  6. The ball must be passed twice before scoring a goal.
  7. Four to a team, three active and one player must be sub (32-foot cage will have five players).
  8. A team must have different fighter from Heavyweight downwards.
  9. Heavyweight must be no more than 120 kilograms.
  10. Subs must be Welterweight or below.
  11. Substitution can only be made when a player is injured or at half time.
  12. A red-carded player must sit out for 1 min of the game.
  13. Restart from the centre of the cage.
  14. At start of game and any restart, all players must be behind the ball.
  15. Strikes and takedowns are allowed when a player has the ball (push kicks, punches to body, trips, sweeps and takedowns).
  16. No punches on the floor, only grappling to get the ball.
  17. Only the referee will decide who gets the restart, i.e. the player in possession of the ball.
  18. If both players have the ball, referee will call a chest start (both players with chest on ball, with hands behind back until referee blows whistle to continue play).
  19. If the ball goes out of the cage, the other team gets the restart.
  20. If a player hits another player who doesn’t have the ball deliberately, he will be sent off and a substitute cannot be used.
  21. All players must be medically checked before taking part.
  22. All players must wear groin and mouth guards while taking part.


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