Triple H injuries list

Here’s just a “few” of the injuries Triple H has sustained in the ring:
  • Completely torn quadriceps muscles/tendons in BOTH legs that required major surgery and rehab. (FYI, both injuries happened in the ring and Triple H continued to wrestle and finish both matches on one leg!)
  • Torn biceps tendon (shoulder surgery)
  • Two elbow surgeries to remove 9 bone spurs that the surgeon said were the size of “human teeth”. One of the spurs was lodged in the joint, preventing any movement in the elbow.
  • Torn adductor muscle
  • Torn Piriformis muscle
  • Knee surgery (Thermal Heat Probe) to track the Patella: This is when the surgeon cuts the tendon on one side (to create some slack) and burns the tendon on the other side (to shrink/tighten it) in order to track the knee cap better
  • Over a dozen high ankle sprains
  • Torn calf muscle sustained when ‘Cactus Jack’ suplexed Triple H through a wood pallet and a piece of the pallet broke off and pierced right through his calf muscle – all the way to the bone! (Triple H pulled the piece of wood out and finished the match with his boot drenched in blood.)

It’s not always good to be king!

My source is:
a very interesting and legit article written by Triple H physical conditioning trainer.  Now, Triple H’s train more like an athlete than a musclehead. 

Watch out for Triple H ‘s Wrestlemania 28 (2012) training video.

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