TNA Wrestling results & review

TNA Wrestling results & review
Thursday, February 6, 2014   replay on demand

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Chris Sabin wanna fight Velvet Sky instead of marry her??? Me I wanna fuck her!

Bobby Roodes vs. Samoa Joe
It sound interesting! A match for the number one contender spot.
Bobby Roodes taps out! Samoa Joe wins. Finally a well-deserved push for one of the TNA original, Samoa Joe.

MVP and Dixie Carter summit
“The show down we have been waiting for.” MY ASS!
Millionaire MILF Dixie Carter with her lacket Rockstar Scrub meting the “investor” MVP in the ring.  Dixie Carter bragging her paper champion Magnus… Did you know that Dixie is in the TNA since 11 years… MVP blaming Dixie for a mismanagement and ignorance of the wrestling world. MVP says to Dixie that her reign of terror is over!  keeeeee


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