Yours truly is currently working on a novel about his world, SLAUGHTERSPORT™ and his vision of the Perfect Combat Sport, the Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour™

In this era of intrusive government, concussion phobia, scumbag lawsuits and the general faggotization of society. Storming the world with a new, legit, no holds barred, no rules Combat Sport is an utopia. Since a video game is out of reach, a novel is the best way to make the SLAUGHTERSPORT come to life in a more tangible way than a propaganda page and Combatant profiles. 

The book is appropriately named: THE WORLD’S GREATEST FIGHTER™ 


blue collar family man struggles to find his way into a prestigious
but deadly fighting tournament.

Here is a little preview of what will be in the book.

3 basic ingredients, 3 stories in one.

 1- One world, one sport.

Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour™ Constitution. 7 Commandments to live by.
Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour™ Constitution.
Seven Commandments to live by.

2- One real-life “superhero” Grand Champion.

3- One struggling underdog.

    And no, I would be very surprised to see the unlikely underdog winning it all. The book is realistic above all.

    My Utopia. Your Dystopia. 

    The Bible of Combat Sports

    Yours truly, 


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