The Nexus Raw Debut

“You are either Nexus or your against us”

The original 8 NXT competitors from the first edition formed one of the most awesome FTW faction in wrestling history.

The Original Nexus (NXT)

The Nexus RAW debut   (Nexus destroying RAW)

Debut at 11:50
The rookies from WWE NXT join forces to destroy everything in their path – Raw, June 7, 2010

Nexus Attaque Smackdown 1 octobre 2010

NXT Rookies (Nexus) attacks Mr.McMahon + Awakening from the coma

Outch! Mr. McMahon took some serious bumps in this angle.

The Nexus Attacks Wwe Legends With all due respect for the Legends: “Kill Those Old Faggots!!”

WWE The Story of The Nexus (How it all began)

After being humiliated and treated like shit…  The NXT became The Nexus.

Nexus theme song (We Are One from 12 Stones)

NXT Nexus 8 Rookies

The average NXT / Nexus member would be 6’1″, 238 lbs, 6 years pro, age 29

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