MARS – Martial Arts Reality Superfighting

MARS – Martial Arts Reality Superfighting

November 22, 1996 – Birmingham, Alabama, USA

The federation was made around Renzo Gracie but it dissapeared after the first event.  The promoter was Dr. John Keating, a surgeon and karate black belt who has been the physician of famous kickboxer Rick Roufus and bodybuilding icon Lee Haney.

The event featured an 8-man openweight tournament, plus three Super Fights. The tournament gathered together some highly regarded fighters from around the world, most notably Chris Haseman from Australia, Juan Mott from Brazil, Willie Peeters from Holland, Murillo Bustamante from Brazil and US Olympic wrestler Tom Erikson. The Super Fights pitted Brazilians, Gracie jiu jitsu representitives against Russian mixed martial artists.

8 Man Openweight Tournament:
Tom Erikson vs Aleksander Khramstovskly
Murilo Bustamante vs Chris Haseman
Willie Peeters vs Serge Narsisyan
Yasunori Matsumoto vs Juan Mott

Super Fights:
Carlos Barreto vs Alexander Rafalski
Mario Sperry vs Andrey Dudko
Renzo Gracie vs Oleg Taktarov

Renzo Gracie vs Oleg Taktarov – MARS (1996) – 12:38

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