Karate + Judo = Kyokushin Budokai = Kudo Daido Juku

Kyokushin Karate and Judo Hybrid Martial Art
Kyokushin Budokai

Kyokushin Karate is a form of full contact or knockdown karate. Generally competitions are fought using bare knuckles with hand strikes to the neck and above forbidden. It is known for being the most effective traditional martial arts in K1 and MMA.
Judo is a modernized version of the traditional Japanese Jujutsu systems. It is known for its throwing and grappling techniques.
Efforts to combine techniques from these two systems started as early as the 70s prior to today`s modern MMA.

Kudo Daido Juku is the version with the big “fish bowl” helmet.

How to make Kudo famous really fast:
Do the following type of event, perfect for audience and television. It’ll start as internet phenomenon, and get incredibly hyped! 

-> a TEAM COMPETITION, exactly like in Judo! 5 Fighters or more face each other, one after another. Each Victory means 1 point. The team with more points wins in the end. 

-> PERFECT TIME for the audience and it’s a DIFFERENT TYPE OF EVENT than UFC and sets itself apart. 

-> it gets some PATRIOTISM if it’s a Match between countries. Japan vs Russia for example. 

-> MUSIC &  SLOW MOTION REPLAY like at current Judo competitions. 

-> A very EMOTIONAL COMMENTATOR is crucial! 

-> the commentator has to CATCH JUDOKA/BJJler by naming there techniques (“OMG what an devastating Kata-guruma!!!” “Wow did you see that Hadaka-jime/Lion-killer-choke?!?!”) 

-> blend in INFOS & FAVOURITE TECHNIQUES about each fighter before each fight,
and only put on helmets on the mat immediatly before the fight starts.

-> use the “karatekid/martial art-hype” by simultanous bowing and impressive opening ceremony

-> encourage athletes to SHOW EMOTIONS after victory! The audience has to feel it’s sth big

Next to sharing the whole event online, do an impressive 5 minutes summary video with  without spoilers at the beginning, but with emotional commentator who’s naming each technique and with slow motion replays. 

This can get really big! Copy this if you want Kudo to be famous!

Thomas S.

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