Dean Ambrose disfigured by an electric saw

Dean Ambrose then known as Jon Moxley vs. Brain Damage

Yes this is WWE Dean Ambrose getting slashed by a maniac with an electric saw in a wrestling ring!

And yes, as you will see in the videos below, the saw was started!

CZW Tournament of Death 8 2009: Jon Moxley vs Brain Damage


Holy fuck! The saw was started!!!!


The entire CZW Deathmatch AKA the disfiguration of Dean Ambrose…

Dean Ambrose is certainly more confortable (and better paid) here in WWE than he was in CZW.

Other tasteful CZW stuff…

Brain Damage during his match with Drake Younger at CZW’s 9 F’N Years

BJW Big Japan Pro-Wrestling


BJW Blood & Death History Highlight Video


CZW Sick Nick Mondo vs John Zandig dead drop


 Dean Ambrose disfigured by an electric saw


CZW owner John Zandig was hung by skin from meat hooks


 Dean Ambrose / Jon Moxley CZW extreme bloody wrestling

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