Create an MMA organization

Create an MMA organization
Create an MMA organization
I just find this interesting forum post on sherdog.

Scenario: You’ve been given free reign over the MMA world, you can make your own organization that is purely for your own entertainment. 

Here is mine.

Name: UST™ (Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour)

President/Promoter: Me, PYGOD

Cage or Ring? On the concrete inside a 20-foot diameter circle.

How many weight classes? Will you include WMMA? 
No weight classes. No gender classes. It’s equal opportunity for everyone.

Belt, trophy or plaque? (UFC, Bellator, PRIDE, Strikeforce, WEC, inspired belts, or a trophy, or the glass TUF plaque?) 
An oversized diamond encrusted one million dollars gold Championship belt for the yearly tournament winner.

Gloves: UFC; PRIDE; Strikeforce; etc. 
No mandatory gloves, gear or equipment. Combatants can wear anything they want. Gloves or bareknuckle, boots or barefoot, it’s their choice.

How does judging work? 10-Point must system? PRIDE? Alternative? 
Fuck judging. Fight to the finish. KO or submission.

Bout Duration: How many rounds and minutes per round? 
No time limit. Fight to the finish.

(2) Fight Announcers: Who’s going to be calling it? 
My formula is simple. A human encyclopedia and a tongue in cheek ex or current Combatant.

Rules: You know what to do
No rules, no holds barred, unarmed one-on-one hand to hand Combat to the finish.

How often are events? Going to have tons like the UFC, or smaller, stacked shows? 
23 Fighting Events of 12 fights each (one every two weeks) 
48 Combatants (24 Participants – 24 Alternates) 

Contender Format: Tournament style like Bellator, or a case-by-case basis as in most organizations? Or maybe even have them fight multiple times in one night like PRIDE?
A yearly round-robin random tournament with Combatants fighting once every two weeks and facing 23 opponents. Combatants not knowing who will be their opponent before the day of the tournament.

UST™ (Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour™) Constitution of Seven Commandments
Constitution of Seven Commandments

What’s yours?


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