Best of the Best 2

“The Coliseum”, a brutal underground fighting arena run by a shady promoter named Weldon (Wayne Newton), whose protégé Brakus (Ralf Möller) is the owner and undefeated champion. Aside from “there are no rules”, the rule of the Coliseum state that a challenger must defeat three of its “Gladiators” in order to face Brakus.

An entertaining movie, with a couple of “Gladiators” from different styles (boxing, Olympics wrestling…) and nationalities. A good film of the genre that I enjoyed to re-watch.

Brakus (Ralph Moeller) owner and undefeated champion of the Coliseum.
The Coliseum is a $20 Million a year business. Mostly due to the massive amounts of Money gambled on the Fights.

Ralph Moeller (Brakus) is 6’5″, around 282 pounds and was 34 years old at the time of the filming.
Born in Recklinghausen, Germany. Ralph Moeller is a retired pro bodybuilder who was a 1988 Mr. Olympia competitor.

Tommy Lee (Phillip Rhee)
was 32 at the time of the filming.
Born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in California, USA.
5’9 1/2″
Started his martial arts training at the age of 4.
6th Dan Black Belt in Tae-Kwon Do and 3rd Dan Black Belt in Hap Ki Do.

Just like in the movie, in real-life the actor Phillip Rhee, who play Tommy Lee, represented the United States’ Taekwondo Team against the South Korean team in the championships of the Asia Games. His real-life event formed the basis of his screenplay for the film “Best of the Best”.

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