Ahmed Johnson / Big T synthol arms

Ahmed Johnson / Big T (Tony Norris) during his forgettable wCw tenure.
You can clearly see the accumulation of synthol oil on his upper arms.

With regard to WCW and why he never got a strong push, Norris said: “I’m no fool. I was fatter than Fat Albert in WCW. I couldn’t walk from the ring to the apron without huffing in Puffing.”
He said WCW was right for not giving him a belt because he was so fat and out of shape. “Had I gotten a belt [in WCW] I would have eaten the belt,” Norris said.

Tony Norris admitted that he lied about his age when he was training for WWE. When asked about his reputation for being injury prone, Norris responded: “For those of you that didn’t know, I was already in my thirties when I went to WWF. I lied. I was not born in 1972, or ’69 or whatever the Internet says. I was born in 1963. I was already on my way to being an old man. So of course I had some injuries.” He said he had nagging injuries in WWE and he was just happy he was able to last as long as he did, considering his age.

Tony Norris had his first WWF/WWE televised match on October 23, 1995 episode of Raw

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