vendredi 12 octobre 2012

Damage with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ***FULL MOVIE***

Damage. 2010 ***FULL MOVIE***

Starring former WWE World Champion and wrestling icon "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Lynda Boyd, Laura Vandervoort, Walton Goggins.

This movie is the modern-day Charles Bronson's 1975 Hard Times.  All the elements are in: the too good hearted fighter, the not too sympathic scumbag promoter dabbling in gambling debts, and the random woman is also the cut(wo)man.

But a very entertaining fight movie with a lot of action and a lot of blood.  Good play by Stone Cold Steve Austin.  You even forget who he is to actually think that he's really John Brickner.  A well-spent one and an half-hour of my life.

Damage (2009) - Final fight - 7:11

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