Warriors of the Year 2072 / New Gladiators

Warriors of the Year 2072 (Italian: I Guerrieri dell’anno 2072) (aka The New Gladiators, aka Fighting Centurions, aka Rome 2072 A.D.)

Tomorrow’s TV is bigger, badder and bloodier than your wildest expectations in THE NEW GLADIATORS!!! Jared Martin star in this violent sci-fi satire pitting criminals as contestants battling each other for the most precious prize…their lives! Martin plays Blake, a gladiator on TV’s hottest program Thrillkill, a deadly tournament where there is only one victor and many victims. The plot thickens when Blake decides to retire, prompting the show’s-ratings hungry producer, Cortez (Claudio Cassinelli) to frame Blake for a crime he didn’t commit. And in the future the only way to prove your innocence is by proving you can stay alive in the “Battle of the Damned”. Fulci bars no holds with his signature extreme style, including slow motion throat slashings, close-up body crushings and the most brutal battle sequences this side of Braveheart! Preceding the RUNNING MAN by three years and proving once again that he is “The Godfather of Gore”, director Lucio Fulci you his epic vision of the future entertainment in a futuristic society. THE NEW GLADIATORS…It’s brough to you live…and to the death!!!

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