Top Fighting Games Currently Trending In The World

Many gamers enjoy video games simply because they’re a fun way to get their mind off things and relieve stress from everything else that goes on in a busy day. But out of all the video game options you have to explore on the market, using your fists is one of the most refreshing ways to release all your rage and anger through hand-to-hand combat. This mechanic has changed and shaped video games significantly through classic fighting games. 

As in the case of online casino games making waves for their authenticity, high-quality graphics, rewarding gameplay, and exciting variety, fighting games for PC are also gaining popularity for a number of reasons. So, let’s look at five fighting games currently topping charts as they go neck-in-neck to take first place as best on the market. 

The Number One Spot: Mortal Kombat 11

Of all the fighting games mentioned in this article, Mortal Kombat will undoubtedly take first place as it’s still seen as the holy grail of all fighting games. The Mortal Kombat 11 version is the most recent of its series, and in its 25 years of running, the game continues to stand out simply because of its graphics, gameplay, and mechanics. 

Available on PC, the game is endlessly entertaining and easy to learn but challenging to master because of its mechanics and exciting cast of iconic characters. In addition, it hosts a good mix of weapon-based combat with some of the most epic finishing moves. 

Worthy Competitors

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Anyone familiar with the Dragon Ball manga is well aware of the epic depictions that come with the game’s fighting combat. It’s an outstanding fighting game for its genre. It has been heavily praised for its epic gameplay and the degree to which each and every one of its character representations overlaps with the various show counterparts. 

Not only can you play around with some of your favorite characters from the show itself, like Cell, Goku, and Vegeta, but you can also perform their different combos that remain iconic time and time again. Expect a story mode, group fights, ranked and casual fighting, as well as some fantastic graphics as you take full advantage of the game for all it offers. 


Released in 2017, Brawlhalla began with a simple concept that exploded in popularity, making it one of the most prevalent fighting games on the market. It’s a free-to-play platform that allows players to put their skills to the test in 1v1 battles that are ranked online. Because fighting games are all about learning new move sets and perfecting abilities, you can indeed outperform opponents by being consistent in this strategy. 

The game hosts more than 50 Legends, each with a unique signature move. This means players can expect to learn a lot from the game as they work on perfecting it. Ultimately, this creates an intense, ever-changing, and fast-paced fighting combat. But if you find that ranked fighting isn’t necessarily your thing, you can undoubtedly opt for other game modes to keep your experience exciting and entertaining. 

Tekken 7

The Tekken series is perfect for gamers who enjoy fighting games that are story-rich. Developed by Bandai Namco, the series follows the Mishima Clan story. Tekken 7 is the final conclusion to the long-running saga, and this time, gamers can expect this version to come with wonderfully crafted and drawn cinematic battles. 

Once you’ve managed to complete and move past the main story, your next step can be about focusing on the character episodes. These are designed to offer more insight and backstory into every character’s story while further developing the Mishima Clan story. With Tekken 7, there’s always something to do, thanks to its treasure, casual, and arcade battles. The game also has ranked online fighting; however, gamers should be warned that the game does have a famous competitive scene and a loyal fanbase.


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