The only people who doesn’t look ridiculous in spandex pants

Only two types of people can wear spandex pants and still look fuckin’ awesome doing so…

First of all, 8 times Mr. Olympia, 300-pound muscle monster Ronnie Coleman.

 Ronnie Coleman is so huge and shredded that you can actually see his veins thru his spandex pants!!!

 Wearing spandex? There is nothing to be ashame of… When you are as big as Ronnie Coleman.

How can you look ridiculous wearing something where you are absolutely this freakin’ fuckin’ BIG?!? 

The other one are Iron Maiden.


Where you’re in an 80’s Heavy Metal band you can do whatever the fuck you want and wear whatever the fuck you want and still be cool and look cool!

Holy fuck! I feel a sudden urge to wear my spandex pants right now! I can do that since I’m both a Gym rat and a Metalhead!
Plus spandex is the perfect way to show off my huge package.

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