The Best Krav Maga practitioner in the World

The Best Krav Maga practitioner in the World – 5:32
The Best Krav Maga practitioner in the World, Roy Elghanayan ,The only person to have won Israel’s top Krav maga award for two consecutive times…..Look for the smoothness his technique

Krav Maga may seem extremely effective in demonstration but in a real-life fight situation against professional fighters. Krav Maga isn’t that effective. Moti Horenstein, Krav Maga Israeli Special Forces Combat Instructor, had a dismal showing, going 0-2 in the UFC and 1-6 in MMA overall.

Moti “The Hammer” Morenstein
Israeli Special Forces Combat Instructor
UFC record: 0-2
Overall MMA record: 1-6

4 thoughts on “The Best Krav Maga practitioner in the World

  1. hy yep the same with wing tsun kapoera hapkido Aikido ec. a welltrained wrestlers always my favorite bye

  2. First of all, Krav Maga was not created for sports in a cage. It was created for self-defense and survival and in those areas Krav Maga is outstanding. The majority of the techniques in Krav Maga are not even allowed in cagefighting. There is a reason why this system is so popular among the military and special forces.

  3. hy to anonyme not me the second one seems you are a practineer of krav maga well it was developed as a nti Terror fighting System against terrorists wasnt it buttt terrorists dont fight they throw bombs and run ore explode thats the same Story as amny martial arts have one good fighter who could win even by beeing a ballerina makes These so called arts famous and in realyty they are pure shit and Militarys are trained to fight with wepons they dont have the time to undergo real good Hand to Hand combat Training for Training in Stamina couse of running like mad makes you weak and a soldier has to carrie many things nowadays so hes Slim and not powerful for that he will loose in mma everytime bye

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