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Baki the Grappler 2 (arena fighting)

Baki 2018
Kengan Ashura

WMAC Masters

BEN-HUR (2016) Excellent movie!!

Colosseum - A Gladiator's Story Everything you need to know about Gladiators and the Roman Colosseum

PLAYMAKERS  EXCELLENT Football series. So fn' good that NFL cancelled it for exposing them!!!


Boxing movies

  • The Hammer (2010) - The real life story of the first deaf NCAA Wrestling Champion (3 times) and UFC Fighter Matt Hamill. Very good movie!!

  • WARRIOR (2011) Very emotional heartbreaking movie with a lot of action and broken bones. An underdog story and a broken familly story..with TNA pro wrestler & Olympic Gold medalist Kurt Angle
  • Fearless (2006) Jet Li, Nathan Jones...  Dull, with not enough fighting action!

  • Damage with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin  But a very entertaining fight movie with a lot of action and a lot of blood.  Good play by Stone Cold Steve Austin.  You even forget who he is to actually think that he's really John Brickner.
  • Blood and Bones  Good movie with Bob Sapp and Kimbo Slice.

MMA/Pit Fighting movie starring Hector Ecchavaria

  • Stephan Bonnar - Supreme Champion (2010) Shittiest movie script ever! I can't believe they did make a movie out of it. Killed UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar's acting career before it even started!

  • The Tournament (2009) A 30-armed assassins Battle Royal 24-hour tournament. Starring Ving Rhames. 
  • Arena (2011) Samuel L. Jackson 1-on-1 Fights to the Death with weapons diffused on the web.
  • Bloodsport 2 (1996) Daniel Bernhardt  Very good with a lot of fighting scene and different style of fighters.
  • Bloodsport 3 (1997) Daniel Bernhardt as Alex Cardo vs. The Beast
  • Bloodsport 4: The Dark Kumite (1999)  Fights to the death pseudo-tournament organized by the too cool to be real Hugh Hefner wannabe Justin Caesar.
  • Kickboxer 5 (1995) A Kickboxing promoters forces Champions from all over the world to join his federation. It seem great to me!
  • Kickboxer: Vengeance (2016) with Batista, GSP, Gina Carano, Cain Velazquez & JCVD
  • Kickboxer: Retaliation (2018) with Alain Moussi, JCVD, Mike Tyson, WSM Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (6'10", 400 lbs), WSM Brian Shaw, UFC Roy Nelson, and many other.

Underground Street Fighting

  • Blood Circus (2017) Starring Kevin Nash, not even as a fighter :-( and Dada 5000. Like the majority of fighting movie, you know in advance how it will end. But worth watching anyway.
  • Champion Road  Too many pointless boring dialogue... Not enough ass kicking!
  • Blood Of A Fighter (2005)  SHITTY ghetto very very low budget movie... An ungrateful despicable asshole fighting for a $150,000 fight inside a taxi cab with no other witness than the driver??? And the final fight is for $500,000 in front of eight people in a dark alley with Vegas odds but no camera to be seen anywhere???? How can these fights could in any real and unreal dimensions generate that kind of Money??!!??

Futuristic fighting

Arès (2016) An excellent French dystopian movie about Fighters doped and sponsored by pharmaceutical corporation and, for a change, this movie has actually a real story behind. By the way, he should have killed that bitch at the end!

Sword fights

Birth of the Dragon: Bruce Lee vs. Wong Jack Man    STRENGTHFIGHTER.COM
Birth of the Dragon (2017)  An excellent movie relating one of the greatest and most obscur fight in history.


Girlfight with Michelle Rodriguez.
GIRLFIGHT (2000) A badass Latina chick with a mean streak as long as the Mississippi river and an unstoppable determination. An excellent and inspiring movie!

Pro Wrestling movies

Gladiator movies

Death Games






  • UFC 1   The inaugural Ultimate Fighting Championship. Back when the UFC was the big thing. One-night no-holds-barred no weight categories no rules 8-man elimination tournament in 1993.






Louis Cyr (le film)


  • Beautiful Boxer (2004)  Biography of third-gender (shemale) Muay Thai kickboxer Parinya Charoenphol AKA Nong Toom and her life struggles. It seem that Thai people are more open-minded than us, North American.


Bigger Stronger Faster (2008)  An excellent documentary about steroids and Performance Enhancing Drugs in sports. No bullshit, just the real thing!

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