NFL faggotrization

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Forget NFL.  Yes, american pro football is perceived as a violent combat sport by many. Now the saint-hypocrite NFL is trying to please the mindless sheep society by faggotrizing the sport with stupid, none of their fuckin’ business, shit like Morality Contract, personal conduct policy and substance abuse program. What the players do outside the football field SHOULDN’T be the NFL nor the medias business!!

The sissy multimillionaire players are whining and crying about concussion risks. While the retired players, now penniless, are stealing way too much easy money with their undeserving billion dollar concussion lawsuits / settlements.  These assholes even sue over their past use of painkillers and drugs!!! Even worse, the stupid America’s Law Court of “Justice” is giving them everything they want and everything they didn’t deserve. $765 Million flushed down the toilet!! 

Many players suing NFL ‘trying to make money off the deal’
Deion Sanders, the only one who had the guts to say the truth

Sooner than later these ingrateful overpaid crybabies and their asshole lawyers will be suing the NFL for giving them the opportunity to play professional football!?!

Don’t want this. Don’t play. Pussy.

Listen, American football is a violent sport. U choose to play at ur own risk. And with that u have to accept the injuries that come with it.
– Rashad Butler

If the trend continues, and it will, in 50 years from now, the sacred formerly manly NFL football will become a no-contact FLAG FOOTBALL league with overpaid and overpadded sissies. Meanwhile Rugby will remain the only unprotected, full-contact, team sport of the badasses!!!

RUGBY > NFL x 1000

In the new NFL, head to head contacts are forbidden but cock to ass contacts are welcomed.

NFL Players are Overpaid Pussies Wearing Full Body Armor!

Don’t worry, a bunch of current NFL Players seems to be real gladiators who are opposed to the faggotization of football. So the NFL corporate politically-correct hypocrite asslickers are just changing the game to please the general public who don’t know nothing about American Football. NHL is suffering from the same faggotrization disease caused by the medias and the pieces of shit sports reporters.

Football will be destroyed because of “player safety” rules.
Brian Jennings

If you agree with my above statements you will also appreciate 

Football vs Rugby

otherwise you will chastise me til the end of time.

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