Gillberg, the beta version of Goldberg

Gillberg wwe answer to wcw Goldberg
Gillberg was WWE’s answer to WCW’s Goldberg
from 1998-2000.
Despite being a joke and a Goldberg’s parody, career jobber Gillberg (Duane Gill) became the longest reigning WWE Light Heavyweight Champion with a reign of 15 months.

Gillberg was the beta version of Goldberg.

Goldberg: The Alpha Beast
on top of the pro wrestling world’s food chain.

Goldberg is billed as the greatest WCW wrestler ever, I agree, and is famous for his 173-0 winning streak in 1997-1998 and for his everlasting ability to squash any big name pro wrestler in record time.

Comparing Gillberg to Goldberg
Comparing the Beta to the Alpha

  • Win/loss record of 0-173 instead of 173-0.
  • His entrance theme was a pre-recorded crowd chanting “Gillberg” instead of “Goldberg” chants.
  • Stage hands holding sparklers then spray the entrance way with fire extinguishers instead of Goldberg’s pyrotechnics.
  • Dotted line “tattoo” on his right arm parodying Goldberg’s tribal tattoo.
  • Using the catchphrase “Who’s First?” in reference not only to Goldberg’s catchphrase “Who’s Next?”, but also to the fact that Gill would lose to each and every one of his opponents.
  • Used the Jackhammer (Vertical suplex follow powerslam) parodied from Goldberg finishing move, but his opponent would fall on top of him and Gillberg would get pinned.
  • Spear – parodied from Goldberg other finisher, but Gillberg would bounce off his opponent, who was unfazed by the attempt.

As you may see, Gillberg was a lot of fun. And personally I never gave a damn about any lesser weight divisions (cruiserweight, light heavyweight…) in any Combat Sports sripted or not (Pro Wrestling, MMA, Boxing and KickBoxing).

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