Aalamgeer El-Hashem (Arab Muslim Super Hero)


Flag of the Arab League

NAME SIGNIFICATION: AALAMGEER (conqueror of the world) EL-HASHEM (the crusher)
FULL NAME: His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Aalamgeer El Hashem
BIRTHPLACE:Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
RESIDENCE:Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
HEIGHT: 6’2″
WEIGHT: 245 lbs
AGE: 23

FIGHTING STYLE: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / MMA Submission Wrestling (BJJ, Sambo, Judo, Wrestling) 
perfect combination of boxing, kick boxing, muay thai, wrestling (free style and Greco-Roman), judo and most importantly, Grappling (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu).
     Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Started Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 10.
Two years of MMA training.

TRAINERS: “The Leech”, Gotch Bruno, Shozo Takagi, Charles Santos, and former kickboxing world champion Mike Survino. The best trainers that Money can get. The first two, “The Leech” and Gotch Bruno, will also compete in the UST 3. Experts don’t think that he stands a chance against his instructors.

RELIGION: Sunni Islam (Muslim)
ETHNICITY: Arab Muslim

ALMA MATER: Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
ORGANIZATION: United Arab Emirates Union Defense Force
BRANCH: United Arab Emirates Army
YEARS OF SERVICE: Since he is 18 years old
RANK: First Lieutenant

CATEGORY: Chemically assisted & Raw

Quote:Abu Hurayrah narrates that The Prophet pbuh said:
“There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its remedy.”
Bukhari 7.582

Usamah ibn Shuraik narrated:
“… ‘O Allah’s Messenger! Should we seek medical treatment for our illnesses?’ He replied: ‘Yes, you should seek medical treatment, because Allah, the Exalted, has let no disease exist without providing for its cure, except for one ailment, namely, old age’.”
Tirmidhi  source

Sponsored by his father, a Multi-Billionaire Arabian investor, philanthropist and member of a Royal family. His father net worth is estimated to be $20.5 Billions. His father is also a Combat Sports aficianado, a big time UST gambler (betting a minimum of $100K per fight and $1 Million on each of his son’s fights), and owner and builder of the biggest SLAUGHTERSPORT Gym in the world, located in Abu Dhabi. He will also help promote the UST 3 event in Abu Dhabi.

Aalamgeer El-Hashem’s trust fund is conservatively estimated at $100 Million. And he collects $40,000 a year for serving his country in the army.

After all those years of promoting and sponsoring Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and grapplingthe United Arab Emirates finally have a fighter good enough to represent them on the worldwide stage.
I can’t believe that with all the Money in the world, the Billionaire Arabs and Combat Sports fans didn’t sponsored one of their own to represent them?!?

PERSONALITY: Articulate, polite, always dressing sharp and impeccable wearing expensive three-piece suit, tie, shoes, and a keffiyeh (Arab headdress).

REASON FOR ENTERING TOURNAMENT: Representation. Certainly not for the Money. He is here to represent the Middle East, the Arabs, the Muslims, and his country, UAE (United Arab Emirates).

ENTOURAGE: His father, members of his family, his manservant, bodyguards, beautiful girls, close friends… Travels in his father’s 747 instead of using the UST jets for free.

HOME FIELD: Zayed Sports City Stadium, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (over 43,000 seats)

MUSICAL THEME: UAE – National AnthemIshy Bilady” (Long Live My Nation)


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