samedi 13 mars 2021

Satans Schlongs > Affliction & Ed Hardy (Christian Audigier)


I've seen a lot of Affliction MMA-related T-shirts and Ed Hardy tattoos-related shirts. Both brands are heavily associated with Jersey Shore-wannabe douchebags.

Ed Hardy D-Bags.
Ed Hardy wearing douchebags

Affliction wearing virgin tough guys.
Affliction wearing virgin tough guys

Which resulted in Affliction and Ed Hardy (Christian Audigier) T-shirt wearers being banned from some public etablishments. No joke!

Talk about a douchebags segregation.

As impregrated in popular culture as they were. Both brands were extremely lucrative.

Affliction Clothing peaked in 2008 with $100 Million in revenues (sales) and they even had their own MMA promotion (Affliction Entertainment) from 2008 to 2009 with Donald Trump as a major shareholder and Trump's fixer Michael Cohen as COO.

Meanwhile, Ed Hardy (Christian Audigier) peaked in 2009 with over $700 MILLION in gross revenues!!!

Typical Affliction shirt.
This resume all Affliction shirts.

Let's see a more interesting, and current, MMA themed kind of shirt.

Satans Schlongs by PYGOD.

SLAUGHTERSPORT Kid T-shirt as worn by MMA Fighter.
Just by looking at those ears, you can see that this guy is a 
legit MMA Fighter.

Nothing douchebag about him.

SLAUGHTERSPORT Kid T-shirt as worn by MMA Fighter.

A huge MMA Fighter smashing the face of a poor bastard into a pulp is certainly more MMA and badass than random skulls, birds and rhinestones patterns?!

The above T-Shirt and the Artwork on it is named SLAUGHTERSPORT Kid of the Satans Schlongs Collection created by PYGOD.

Wanna be Affliction wearing tough guy who just try too hard.
Another fake Affliction wearing fake tough guy ready to fight.

Nothing tough about wearing an Affliction shirt.

A no-brainer...

Satans Schlongs > Affliction + Ed Hardy (Christian Audigier)

GI Joe & pro wrestler Sgt Slaughter


GI Joe & pro wrestler Sgt Slaughter.

AEW Deathmatch "exploding" ring meme

A meme created by "The King Of The Death Match" Cactus Jack / Mick Foley himself.

AEW Deathmatch ring explosion.

Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match versions: FMW vs. AEW

AEW version was indeed ridiculous. Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston sold it like it was the end of the world.

By chance, Atsushi Onita, creator of the exploding barbed wire death match, wasn't there to see AEW's attempt to duplicate what he created.

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