lundi 27 avril 2020

Mortal Kombat 11 was the victim of SJW cunts

Mortal Kombat is replacing bikinis with burkas thanks to SJW frustrated cunts.

It seem that there is a lot SJW queers on Reddit.

I hate them too...

SJW Social Justice Warriors FUCK OFF t-shirt. #PMRC

SJW Social Justice Warriors FUCK OFF t-shirt. #PMRC

Steve Beran is wrong, all wrong. If you take a look at any of the fighters who competes in any of the four fighting sports (MMA, Boxing, Pro Wrestling & Kickboxing) they wear the less clothes possible. All male Combatants are bare chested wearing shorts. 

In Ancient Greece in Pankration, Combatants used to fight naked and covered in oil. So don't tell me that you won't be scantily-glad for the fight of your life. Pankration was deadly for real.

Boxers used to fight naked and oiled in the Ancient Greece.

Even BKB fighter and UK hardman Charles Brunson stripped down naked, covered himself in butter, to make him harder to grab, when he fought 12 prison guards at the same time.

Steve Beran was all wrong with his "realism" excuse for dressing MK11 female Combatants. More clothing = your enemy will get a better grip on you.

It won't happen there...

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