samedi 28 septembre 2019

Wrestling World Heavyweight Championships evolution diagram

A diagram showing the evolution of various world heavyweight championships.


Randy Savage five-dollar bill

Salina De La Renta

RVD having fun after divorce

RVD the Whole FN Show!

RVD has fun with pro wrestler Katie Forbes and girlfriends after getting his divorce after a 17 years relationship.

“With the right partner, life is a celebration every day”.
                                                        - RVD

RVD has all the reasons in the world to be zen.

RVD girlfriends.

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Hunter Horse Helmsley AEW Hangman Page

Hunter Horse Helmsley AEW Hangman Page
Yes, this is for real! This is AEW's way to say hi to Triple H.

vendredi 20 septembre 2019

Oldest WWE Tag Team Champions

Ric Flair and Roddy Piper are the oldest wrestlers to become tag team champions when they won the belts in 2006. Flair was 56 and Piper was 52. It also marked the last championships either man held in their illustrious careers.

The move was inspired by Rocky Balboa movie in 2007 when a fifty-something Rocky came back to face the boxing world champion Mason Dixon.

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