vendredi 23 août 2019


MURDERER: Aaron Hernandez and some more.
CAN'T READ: Dexter ManleyJames Brooks.
DOG TORTURER: Michael Vick and others.
WIFE BEATER: Ray Rice and many others.

BKB bare-knuckle boxers inexistent skill level

Are professional bare-knuckle boxers as skilled as professional boxers?

Just check out how I answered this question on Quora.
Pier Godro, studied at Self-Teaching

That's the harsh reality about the skills of BKB bare-knuckle boxers.

vendredi 16 août 2019

Brock Lesnar rookie year

In his WWE rookie year, Brock Lesnar defeated, Hulk Hogan, the Rock, Ric Flair and The Undertaker.


jeudi 8 août 2019

5 Most Brutal Sports In History

Go check out youtube link of the video to read some interesting comments on what if we still had Gladiator fights today.

Imagine Gladiators with Mountain Dew and Red Bull shields...

What Being a Spectator at the Rome Colosseum Was Like

Ancient Romans loved their sports and entertainment, and the Colosseum put on the grandest games in all of ancient Rome. With its gladiators, interchangeable arenas, exotic animals, and the rare naval reenactment, being a spectator in the Roman Colosseum would have indeed been a spectacle.

Crowds of 50,000 people, spanning every region and socioeconomic class of the empire, gathered at the stadium to watch shows and get away from the disgusting life of everyday Rome. They enjoyed food, wine, music, and theatrics in a large venue, all paid for by the emperor himself.

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