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Bodybuilders vs Strongmen

Natural stone lifting - up to 504 lbs

Regan Bridge (the guy in jeans and bare-chested), 230 lbs. Deadlift: 575-600 lbs

Jono Macfarlane (guy in t-shirt), 6'5", Deadlift: 680 lbs


Strongest Crossfit Athletes

Crossfit Games Complete List Of Strength  
September 29, 2017

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This list shows the strength numbers of each individual male and female for every division from teens through masters that competed at the 2017 Crossfit Games in Madison, Wisconsin.
Numbers were gathered from each athlete’s profile which means some numbers may not be updated if the athlete has not yet recorded them.
Use this list to compare your lifts with theirs and determine what you need to work on.

*All weights were converted to pounds*


Average Snatch: 278

Avergage Clean and Jerk: 355

Average Back Squat: 454

Average Deadlift: 533

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Average Snatch: 185

Average Clean and Jerk: 230

Average Back Squat: 285

Average Deadlift: 350


Average Snatch: 269

Average Clean and Jerk: 330

Average Back Squat: 457

Average Deadlift: 514

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Average Snatch: 176

Average Clean and Jerk: 208

Average Back Squat: 284

Average Deadlift: 327


Average Snatch: 232

Average Clean and Jerk: 293

Average Back Squat: 406

Average Deadlift: 482


Average Snatch: 157

Average Clean and Jerk: 196

Average Back Squat: 270

Average Deadlift: 315


Average Snatch: 214

Average Clean and Jerk: 271

Average Back Squat: 376

Average Deadlift: 457



Average Snatch: 144

Average Clean and Jerk: 183

Average Back Squat: 254

Average Deadlift: 350


Average Snatch: 200

Average Clean and Jerk: 256

Average Back Squat: 374

Average Deadlift: 440


Average Snatch: 123

Average Clean and Jerk: 162

Average Back Squat: 233

Average Deadlift: 294


Average Snatch: 180

Average Clean and Jerk: 236

Average Back Squat: 344

Average Deadlift: 426


Average Snatch: 106

Average Clean and Jerk: 140

Average Back Squat: 215

Average Deadlift: 279


Average Snatch: 152

Average Clean and Jerk: 217

Average Back Squat: 307

Average Deadlift: 390


Average Snatch: 90

Average Clean and Jerk: 118

Average Back Squat: 178

Average Deadlift: 242

TEEN BOYS (14-15)

Average Snatch: 184

Average Clean and Jerk: 228

Average Back Squat: 290

Average Deadlift: 341

TEEN GIRLS (14-15)

Average Snatch: 144

Average Clean and Jerk: 179

Average Back Squat: 232

Average Deadlift: 252

 TEEN BOYS (16-17)

Average Snatch: 231

Average Clean and Jerk: 286

Average Back Squat: 357

Average Deadlift: 411

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TEEN GIRLS (16-17)

Average Snatch: 162

Average Clean and Jerk: 196

Average Back Squat: 243

Average Deadlift: 282


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Chatri Sityodtong ONE Championship

Chatri Sityodtong is an example of dedication and will power.

You can't get more Alpha than him! An overachiever with a winning attitude.

Published on Nov 19, 2018 

The Singapore Government (EDB) selected Chatri Sityodtong and ONE Championship to help spread the beautiful message of Singapore's impossible story of greatness. In the annals of political and economic history, Singapore stands out as one of the greatest stories of achievement. Singapore went from a tiny island with no natural resources into a global economic powerhouse in only 50+ years. In many ways, ONE Championship’s journey has mirrored Singapore’s journey of impossible odds, incredible resilience, and relentless tenacity. A lifelong martial artist and graduate of Harvard Business School, Chatri Sityodtong founded ONE Championship, Asia’s largest global sports media property in history, to celebrate Asia’s greatest cultural treasure, and its deep-rooted Asian values of integrity, humility, honor, respect, courage, discipline, and compassion. With his passion for martial arts, Chatri is fighting to ignite dreams, inspire nations, and change the world.

McKinsey & Company features Chatri Sityodtong, who is a self-made entrepreneur, CEO of ONE Championship, and lifelong martial artist. Through the power of media, ONE Championship is on a mission to unleash real-life superheroes, celebrate values, inspire nations, and change the world. Chatri's rags-to-riches life story has inspired millions around the world.

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