lundi 30 juillet 2018

George Foreman vs Steven Seagal

George Foreman vs Steven Seagal.

George Foreman to Steven Seagal via Twitter (Oct 2, 2017)
"Steven Seagal, I challenge you One on one, I use boxing you can use whatever. 10 rounds in Vegas"

George Foreman is a two-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, an Olympic gold medalist and one of the greatest punchers of all time.

Steven Seagal is an ass-kicking action movie star with a 7th-dan black belt in aikido, a martial art criticized as being worthless against any trained MMA fighter.

Foreman was age 68 and Seagal was 65 at the time of the challenge.
It would great nonetheless! A freak show for the ages!!!


samedi 28 juillet 2018

Vince McMahon Said The N-Word before Hogan

Trying to act ghetto-friendly, Vince McMahon uses the N_word while talking to white rapper John Cena, then walks off smugly passing two of his African American talents Booker T and Sharmel.

dimanche 8 juillet 2018

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar challenging UFC Champion Daniel Cormier at UFC 226.

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar challenging UFC Champion Daniel Cormier at UFC 226.
WWE Champion Brock Lesnar challenging UFC Champion Daniel Cormier at UFC 226.

After being invited by the newly crowned UFC 2-Division Champion Daniel Cormier, WWE Champion and former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar stormed the Octagon to shove Daniel Cormier and delivered a perfect wrestling promo blending Hulk Hogan "let me tell you something" with an uncensored "Stone Cold" Steve Austin while sounding like "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner.

"Let me tell you something, I've walked into this building and watched the heavyweight disaster from the beginning. Ngannou is a piece of shit! Miocic is a piece of shit! DC, I'm coming for you motherfucker!"
                                              --- Brock Lesnar

A perfectly delivered pro wrestling promo, entertaining and inoffensive, while UFC boss Dana White and UFC voice Joe Rogan where laughing. It was great!!!

See by yourself!

A potential Big Money Fight is coming!

Don't ever tell me again that Brock Lesnar wrestling promos sucks... Brock Lesnar is as good as Scott Steiner on the mic. As long as he goes uncensored, he is doing fine!

UFC Heavyweight & LightHeavyweight Champion "DC" Daniel Cormier

Congratulations to the new UFC Heavyweight & LightHeavyweight Champion "DC" Daniel Cormier. I did know that you are a wrestler extraordinaire but I didn't know you were such a KO artist!!!
By the way, perfect Brock Lesnar WWE pro wrestling promo after your victory!!!
If the match ever took place, you can bet your house mortgage that Cormier will KTFO of Lesnar just like he did to Miocic.

Enjoy your success with your lovely family!

vendredi 6 juillet 2018

Ultimate Tazer Ball (UTB)

Born in 2012 and died in 2013. UTB Ultimate Tazer Ball proclaimed itself 'The Future Of Sport'.


UTB was an extreme action Sport blending football (soccer), rugby, handball, and TAZER GUNS!!! 

As stated on their Twitter profile, UTB started in Sunny Southern California and was originally the brain child of a San Diegan Surf shop owner and a German sports company.

300,000 volts electroshock, just enough to hurt but not enough to kill!!!

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