samedi 10 mars 2018

Kirill Sarychev 738.5lbs RAW Bench Press World Record

Kirill Sarychev 738.5lbs RAW Bench Press World Record.

Born1 January 1989 (age 29)
PugachyovSaratov OblastSoviet Union (now Russia)
ResidenceMoscow, Russia
OccupationPowerlifter, police officer
Height197 cm (6 ft 6 in)[1]
Weight170–180 kg (375–397 lb)[1]
5Kirill Sarychev presses 739 lb (335 kg) with wrist wraps and without a belt on Nov 22, 2015 at the "SN-PRO CUP"

Kirill Sarychev 335 kg(738.5lbs) RAW Bench Press World Record 2015

All-time record of 327.5 kg in the bench press for all ages in all weight categories, just a 27-year-old Kirill Sarychev pressed 330 kg, the second approach, and 335 kg in the third approach !!!

Олтайм рекорд 327.5 кг в жиме лежа за все времена во всех весовых категориях, только что 27-ми летний Кирилл Сарычев пожал 330 кг, во втором подходе и 335 кг в третьим подходе!!!

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