KAYLA™ female UST Combatant & Kung Fu Lady

“Women who want to be men equal have no ambition.” — Kayla Griffin (UST Combatant) KAYLA FULL NAME: Kayla Griffin BIRTHPLACE:Dallas, Texas, United States RESIDENCE:Dallas, Texas, United States HEIGHT: 5’5″ … Read More

“Steel” – The Twilight Zone

Read the following analysis of the Steel – Twilight Zone episode written on the ScreenAnarchy website. http://screenanarchy.com/2011/12/exploring-the-twilight-zone-episode-122-steel.html It’s the real Real Steel, the episode written by Richard Matheson that inspired the recent … Read More

Gijsbert de Groot (Straatvechters Reünie)

Gijsbert de Groot ALIASES: SR Leider (leader); GG BIRTHPLACE:Amsterdam, Netherlands RESIDENCE:Amsterdam, Netherlands HEIGHT: 6’51/8“ WEIGHT: 250.8 lbs YEARS PRO: 13 AGE: 32 REACH: 78″ STYLE: Kickboxing, MMA KICKBOXING RECORD: 31-6 MMA … Read More

Übermensch UST-3 Combatant with Metal Hands

“Dope testing? A level playing field? Lol! Maybe we should embrace human enhancement instead of refraining it.” — PYGOD Übermensch Choose “voluntary” amputation of both hands in favor of bionic hands. … Read More