mardi 11 avril 2017


If Bayley has Izzy as his number one fan. Finn Balor has Felicia Rose.

The self-proclaimed "People's Tramp" Felicia Rose is the number one NXT Wrestling Fan.
Or at least the number one Finn Balor fan.

Felicia Rose openly admited that she would f*ck the entire NXT locker room!!

Felicia Rose > Number One ring rat (wrestling groupie)

Finally a woman who assume her sexuality and her carnal desires.

If I was Finn Balor I would get in touch with her and gladly face f*ck her.

Bobby Roode. Are you Big enough?

Felicia Rose undeniable wrestling fan

Wow! A kinky girl... I LOVE it!!

Felicia Rose has a great taste for marketing.

I LOVE her!

Her promiscuous Twitter

Proudly brought to you by
Supporter of Wild Women since day one!!!

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