mercredi 8 février 2017

SLAUGHTERSPORT Continental Champions

Each continent has a head promoter who has to report to The Committee.

SLAUGHTERSPORT Asia (59.81%)  
Hitoriguntai,JapanJapan, 6'7", 468, 25, 38  Hitoriguntai Taijutsu

SLAUGHTERSPORT Africa (16.22%)  
Man O' War,Flag of Uganda.svgUganda, 6'2", 240, 1, 33   Cape Buffalo Tai Chi

SLAUGHTERSPORT Americas (13.44%)  
The Leech,Brazil, 6'1.5", 251, 1, 31   Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Dio di Sparta,Greece, 6'3", 328, 1, 27   Pankration

SLAUGHTERSPORT Oceania (0.54%)  
High Chief Manu Ruopa,Samoa, 6'4", 350, 7, 25   Pro Wrestling

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