samedi 22 octobre 2016

The Intense Love Story of Alberto Del Rio and Paige

Stupid love story??

I don't think their Love Story is stupid!?!

It is Passion!

A burning Passion between two consenting adults loving each other.

However be careful, burning desire often transform itself in intense hatred.

The police incident was a drunk lunatic armed with a knife that was threatening Paige.

As for the 'Total Divas' rumors, I don't think it is serious!

TMZ spoke with Paige about the fact she violated the WWE's wellness policy twice in 3 months and if she plans to return to the WWE. As for Alberto, he's been named president of Combate Americas -- a Hispanic MMA franchise -- and says he vows to be the "Mexican Dana White."

Meanwhile, I don't think that Alberto Del Rio wants to make a comeback as an MMA Fighter.

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